Friday, April 18, 2014

Give in to Temptation with Nestle Dutch Speculoos!

Speculoos ice cream

        What perfect timing for the summer! Nestle Ice Cream welcomes its new addition to the Nestle Temptations Flavors of the World collection! I'm sure a lot has already tried this but for those who hasn't, let me present to you.... DUTCH SPECULOOS!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm Flying!

             At 2 years old, my little Rainbow sure is has been exercising her imagination and it's fascinating to see so! Just now, while playing play doh with her, I used the butterfly playdoh cutter to make some green butterflies. 


        Then she got her PinyPon figures (her favorite toy nowadays), then she got the butterflies and stuck it at the backs of her PinyPon. Now they look like fairies! (Brilliant! I didn't even think of that!) 

        Then she took one and waved it around and said...

"I'm flying! I'm flying!"

It's amazing! ������

A Quick Visit to B Hotel in Alabang

b hotel alabang

        Last weekend we had an amazing time at Alabang with a lot of our blogger friends. We were split up in 2 hotels. First half was to stay at The Bellevue Hotel Manila, and the other half were also very lucky to try its little sister, the B Hotel. A nice little hotel situated at Madrigal Business Park. It's nice 3-star hotel that gives you comfort but for a more affordable price.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Two New Lysol Products Moms will Just Love!

lysol new products

        Whenever I hear the brand Lysol, the first word that comes to mind is really "disinfectant". It has actually became a norm for people to turn to Lysol whenever they feel the need to shoo away germs that can cause sickness. Especially for moms that has a natural instinct to protect their kids from these not-so-cute germs.

        Rain's room now has become more of a toy / storage room rather than a bed room. She sleeps in our room ever since she was born. So this means whatever germs that my husband and I catch from outside the house, Rain has a good chance of getting it too. And so from time to time, we really have Lysol included in our grocery list. It's not only to make any room smell better, it's to kill not just any germs but specific germs that cause illnesses at the same time.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SPAM Tocino, Limited Edition!

        My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Not just because I'm starving in the morning and need food for energy, but because I looooove breakfast food! I love hotdogs, crispy bacon (of course), I really love eggs, and  I am a big fan of SPAM as well!

        We've been seeing photos of a certain Tocino SPAM spreading all around the net. And we've been dying to try it ever since. But we never do see it in supermarkets near us. It's one of life's greatest mysteries. Like a breakfast unicorn!

        Finally, Richie's friend Chef Ian of Sebastian's posted on Facebook that he was able to buy some SPAM Tocino. And Richie was able to turn up his charms and was able to get the information from Chef Ian on where he found the SPAM Tocino. So off to Robinsons Supermarket in Eastwood we go!

Welcome Back The New Beetle!

The New Beetle

        I remember when my cousins and I were a couple of years old, we would go out in the garage and go on our slide. But it's not the usual park slide. It's my aunt's Beetle. I don't know how we did it but we would climb from the back and then slide down the wind shield. That's my fondest memory of the Beetle. And I believe that we didn't break it in any way. Aah, fun times!

Here's a quick look-back on that iconic bug car we all know and love:

Sunday, April 13, 2014


        We're here again at The Bellevue Hotel at Alabang (Thanks to Jane Go of Sugar and Spice blog!) and as always, we're having a blast! Yesterday afternoon, part of our schedule was to lounge by the pool and play some board games. Not just any ordinary board game. They're SUPERSIZED!!!

        Huge games blown up to Supersized sizes were laid on the floor for everyone to play on! So cool! It's the first time we encountered this type of entertainment!