Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fun Polly Dots: A Cool Molding Toy!

fun polly dots

        I've seen this before when I first attended a Mommy Mundo Expo Kid 2013. But Rain was still too young to be playing with molding toys. But now that Rain is almost 3 years old, she loves loves loves playing with molding toys like Play Doh. I love Play Doh too. So much that it bothers me when Rain mixes all the colors together hahaha! Well, it's her Play Doh anyway)

        So anyway I'm getting off track again. Now that Rain is of age to play with molding toys, I finally bought her a pack of Fun Poly Dots during this year's Mommy Mundo Clearance sale! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Play Place in Podium Mall: Kidzville Play and Party Center

kidzville podium

        I'm in a phase right now where I'm constantly looking for nice play places in malls where Rain can play go all out and play. I thought there would be one in each mall or commercial center. But surprisingly, sometimes there's none. I tried googling but very little results came out. Like this one time I needed to attend to something at Greenhills and I wanted to bring my little Rainbow, but to my surprise they only had Mini Fun Ranch which is basically a mini carnival (with small ferris wheels, and I think 2 other rides). But what I needed is a cool playground where Rain can slide and run and tumble but not get hurt.

So anyway because of this I promised to write about all the play places that we usually go to, for future toddler moms use ;-)

Today, I'm writing about Kidzville Play and Party Center in Podium!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shine Bakery & Cafe Now Catering Events!

table centerpiece

        Shine Bakery & Cafe has been making waves with their comfort food prepared with a twist. My first time to dine there, we were actually just planning on trying their yummy pastries. But what happened? We ended up ordering their Crispy Kare Kare and their Umami Fries. And it was good!

hors d'oeuvre

        But this time, we were at Shine Bakery Cafe for the launch of their new service. Shine Bakery & Cafe now CATERS EVENTS! Yes!!!! That gives us moms another great contender for our party's catering needs! Imagine Shine's delicious food for your parties. Plus, we all know Shine's dainty style when it comes to decorating, right? I'm sure you can't hardly wait!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kidzville Now Open at SM AURA!

kidzville sm aura

        As we parked at SM AURA just a couple of minutes ago, I was greeted by a wonderful sight... KIDZVILLE just opened TODAY!!! And it looked really cool!!! And I'm so excited for Rain to try it ASAP!!!

        I was able to take photos with my phone from the entrance so here's a sneak peak!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Teddy's Bigger Burgers now Open!!! (And giving out FREE burgers!)

hawaii theme

        I'm not usually a big burger fan. I have the mood for it. I might have said this a couple of times with my entries at The Pickiest Eater. But anyhoo... We were invited to a sneak peak before it officially opens to the public, TODAY, August 23. And so far, with what I've tasted, it's one of the best I've tried! And I'm glad it's now here in the Philippines!

Friday, August 22, 2014

SafeHouse Storage: Storage Spaces for Rent

new home

        Rookie mistake: Don't get me wrong. I love our house. I think it's nice! But word of advice...When looking for a house to rent or to buy, don't get carried right away with the interiors and the fact that it's fully furnished (yes we got it fully furnished! Everything you see in the picture! hehehe). 

        Where was I? Oh, yes... as I was saying... don't let those things distract you. Because then, like me, you might end up overlooking some factors that I didn't really think was necessary until now....

Our house doesn't have a STORAGE ROOM!!! *^$(#*^)#&^%#)


        And then of course, once you start to have a baby, no matter how big your house may look like, it will get filled very very quickly. Things will just keep pilling up and pilling up. I wanted to keep the boxes of Rain's toys so that when she's too old to play with some of them, I can sell them for a much lower price. But guess what? No storage to store all those boxes and old toys :-( 

Christmas tree and Christmas ornaments? It's packed in our garage. 

Old magazines? Stacked in one of the rooms. 

Baby chair that Rain hardly uses? In the corner of the dining room collecting dust. 

You get the picture.

storage space for rent

        And so ever since, I've been thinking... that if only I had the money, I would put up a storage-room-for-rent business. Like the ones in that show Storage Wars. If only. Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that someone already beat me to it. The good news is, someone already beat me to it! This means there is finally a storage space I can rent here in Manila to put all of the not-so-junk stuff lying around the house! Yay!!! It's been founded in 2010 and yet I'm only hearing about this now. Where have I been? Tsk tsk...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Active Fun at Megamall Fashion Hall

active fun megamall

        Active Fun has become one of Rain's favorite places. She can spot an Active Fun from miles away. Even if she can't read yet hahaha! I guess she recognizes the logo colors and the clown character in it. And more often than not, when we're in Megamall with her, we make it a point that she plays there.