Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Keep An Eye at Home with PLDT HOME FAM CAM!

PLDT FAM CAM, cctv, baby monitor, hidden camera

        Even without full-time work, (well, besides being a mom which is actually full-time work), I still have lots of places to be on a certain number of days in a week. And I am not able to always bring my little one with me on some trips. And so I'm sure you can all feel me when I say how convenient life would be if we all somehow had an eye left at home to watch over our kids or our family should we need to leave them for a bit.

        I actually already have a gadget that works like a CCTV camera which you can access from your smartphone. Although the price is quite reasonable compared to other complicated CCTVs, It will still cost as much as a new cellphone.

        The thing is, there is now an easier way to get this type of service. No need to buy expensive and complicated CCTV cameras. All you need to do is get a PLDT HOME FAM CAM!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Imagining with Ready Steady Go Kids Philippines

tennis for kids

        Hi everyone! Not sure if you noticed through my social posts but Rain is signed up for this term's classes on Ready Steady Go Kids Philippines. I have been introduced to this fun learning experience in September of last year and I was really sold on the idea that children as young as Rain can join a class where she can play with other kids while being introduced to basic sports. During her trial class, she was introduced to golf. For this quarter, she was introduced to tennis and hockey!

        But what really amazed me more is watching Rain improve every week! Not in the sports of course. But in following instructions as well as her focus. And I also have to say I'm happy to see that they also have new activities that Rain really really enjoyed because it involved great imagination!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Random Thoughts on Family Planning and Conceiving

        A few weeks ago, I was bothered by this news about a little girl, probably as old as Rain, that was deliberately left by the parent in a shop inside the mall. Security saw this little girl and brought her to the security office, where they paged the parent, but failed. No one ever came to claim her :-(

        The news spread like wild fire over Facebook, thanks to one of the people that was present at the security office at that time who decided to spread the word. Thankfully, the little girl is now in the custody of her grandmother so that's really good news. But still, this news saddens me because this child, like any other child, didn't deserve to be left alone. There are a lot of couples who would do anything to have a child. And this parent just decided to literally leave her in a random place, like an unwanted pet.  Very bad.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Seattle's Best Coffee Dream Journal 2015

SBC Planner 2015

        The Seattle's Best Coffee Dream Journal is back! In it's 4th year too! Such a perfect present for those who still like planning and organizing with an organizer notebook, and a pretty one at that, not to mention with lots and lots of freebies inside like you wouldn't believe!

Monday, December 15, 2014

H&M's All For Children Autumn Collection

H&M Kids

        It's autumn!!!! 

........For some parts of the world anyway... Since the Philippines is a tropical country we never get the chance to play dress up with gorgeous trench coats, funky boots, and beautiful sweaters. So if you have the chance to spend an autumn vacation in a different country, you might as well want to really plan out your outfit! (I swear the next time we go to Japan I'm really wearing something more fashionable hahaha!) And of course when you're taking your little ones with you, that's extra fun dressing them up too!

        One of the best places to start is H&M's All for Children Collection. Not only will you get really snazzy autumn  wear for your kids, but you'd be doing it for a good cause as well!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Decorated My Own Goldilocks Christmas Cake!

decorate your cake

        Cakes signify celebration. Whether it's a big party celebrating a big holiday, or a small intimate celebration of someone finally accomplishing something, or celebrating an anniversary, or even monthsary. A cake will always be something a person can give that will truly be appreciated. 

        But imagine if you can decorate the cake yourself? Adding your personal touch, expressing yourself by making your own decoration... That will surely mean the world to the person receiving it.

        And so when I received this cool Decorate-Your-Cake kit for Goldilocks' Decorate Your Christmas activity, I was giddy! Not only because I get to create a Christmas cake for my family, but because I've secretly been itching to try decorating my own cake every time I would see Goldilock's Decorate Your Cake billboard along EDSA haha!

So here we go! My Christmas cake! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Etude House Stay Up Foundation

stay up foundation

Please humor me guys! This is my first ever make up post! Hahaha! :-)

        I've never been the one to put a lot of make up. That's because I don't really know how. So I always opt for simple make up that will simply cover up all the haggardness in and out. (And then some lipstick so I won't look like the walking dead.)

And when I saw this Stay Up Foundation from Etude House, I thought to myself "This is is more my style!"