Monday, February 23, 2015

Excellent Skin Care at Luminisce!

An old photo taken a few years back by Kulotsky Man :-)
        It has been forever ago when I last went to a derma clinic. My aunt was so gracious enough to treat me to some derma sessions because as a teenager, I had pimply skin. Specifically on my triangle zone. I always had pimples. But because of my tita's derma, it lessened. Eversince then, I would occasionally still get pimples but I never went back to any derma, I lived on eskinol with dalacin-c, and this skin set I bought online which I believed worked, but I would still get break outs from time to time.  A fact I thought was just normal until I started to realize that I actually have a lot of friends that very very seldom have pimples. Even my sister hardly gets any pimples. And me on the other hand, I get batches! Like 2 or 3 at a time. (And I called that normal?!) This was a wake up call for me. Something needed to be done.


         So a few weeks ago, it was the first time in how many years that I finally stepped inside a skin clinic again. The clinic of Dra. Kristina Cuevas Reyes, MD. , a pretty clinic called Luminisce. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Awesome Sunday Brunch at Raffles Makati!

        Lego is such a classic toy / hobby for people of all age. Lego has been around ever since I could remember. I remember my cousin Aouie loved collecting them and wouldn't let us play with it for fear that we might break it or lose the parts. I totally don't take that against her. I would have done the same. I guess this makes us the same as "the man upstairs". (You'll get what I mean if you've seen The Lego Movie;-)

Lego Raffles Makati

        Lego is not just a toy for kids or a hobby for master builders. But it's a great bonding activity for the whole family! This, paired with a delicious Sunday buffet brunch? That's definitely an ideal and fun way to spend a relaxing Sunday. And there is such a thing in the heart of Makati! It's Spectrum's Awesome Sunday Brunch! When we found out about this, we were eager to take Rain because she has also grown to love playing with Lego. Especially after she saw The Lego Movie for like 74 times.  (This means we also had to watch it 74 times).

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Eye Shadow 101 With Miss CraveTheWorld Using Etude House's Fantastic Color Eyes!

        I am the first one to admit that I don't really know anything about make up. Just the basics. My daily routine is just a CC cream and lip gloss and a little bit of lipstick and I'm good to go. It almost makes me feel ashamed when I recently I found out that my niece-in-law Crave The World knows a lot more than me! And she actually has a knack for make up! So what would one do if she wants to feature a make-up but is not sure of what she's doing? Ask someone to show her how to put it on! ;-)

        And for this blog post, I will briefly show you how Cara applied this pretty Fantastic Color Eyes eyeshadow (Bohemian Soul)!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rain's Final Ready Steady Go Kids Class

ready steady go kids, coaches
        Okay... so this was it. The last two classes of Ran's Ready Steady Go Kids term. And I don't know maybe it was just because she missed them from the Christmas break, but it also seemed like Rain sort of knew somehow that she was going to miss her coaches Coach Sonny and Coach Meriel. So she went to Coach Meriel for a big hug and didn't want to let go for a while :-) 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Made My First Cupcake with Melaware's Disney Baking Gift Set!

melaware disney baking gift set

        I'm happy to share the most exciting thing to ever happen in my non-existing baking career! It's this moment that I've made cupcakes using a ready-mix batter from a supermarket. Even more so, it was really exciting for me that I was able to watch the batter rise inside the convection oven, and seeing my little Rainbow devour it. And I think my new Disney baking stuff had a lot to do with it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Win 1 Year's Worth of Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings Grand Opening!

If you love Chicken wings, then you're gonna want to read this...

        Because on January 29, Buffalo Wild Wings finally arrives the Philippine shores (first in Asia, thanks to The Bistro Group!) and will celebrate its Grand Opening by giving away a year's worth of wings to the first 100 people in line by the time it opens at 11:00 am! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Keep An Eye at Home with PLDT HOME FAM CAM!

PLDT FAM CAM, cctv, baby monitor, hidden camera

        Even without full-time work, (well, besides being a mom which is actually full-time work), I still have lots of places to be on a certain number of days in a week. And I am not able to always bring my little one with me on some trips. And so I'm sure you can all feel me when I say how convenient life would be if we all somehow had an eye left at home to watch over our kids or our family should we need to leave them for a bit.

        I actually already have a gadget that works like a CCTV camera which you can access from your smartphone. Although the price is quite reasonable compared to other complicated CCTVs, It will still cost as much as a new cellphone.

        The thing is, there is now an easier way to get this type of service. No need to buy expensive and complicated CCTV cameras. All you need to do is get a PLDT HOME FAM CAM!