Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why I Like Suave Kids 3-in1

suave 3 in 1 shampoo

        I've been seeing this blue bottle in supermarkets but never really paid attention because it looked expensive. But I never really checked. But this time for some reason I decided to try it out. I was contemplating on getting this or the other brand with Disney Princesses on the bottle. But after computing and comparing, I realized this was a lot better in so many ways.  I can safely say that so far it's the best shampoo I've tried on my little Rainbow toddler.

Why do I love thee? Let me count the ways (in no particular order)...

        First of all, it's 3-in-1. It's a shampoo, a conditioner, and a body wash! It's really hitting 3 birds with one stone. And it's only like Php200+ for 665 mL.

        Second of all, it's tear-free! 

        Third of all, I love its conditioning powers! I can immediately feel the softness of Rain's hair while shampooing her. It's so great that it has cut Rain's comb time in more than half. Seriously! I've always struggled with combing Rain's hair in the past how many shampoos. This one makes combing a breeze! So soft!

        And last but not the least, it smells great and the smell really stays! It's so far it's the only shampoo that smells great on Rain's hair until the end of the day. 

        I seriously swear by this product. Reasonably-priced, excellent quality, perfect for toddlers. All-in-all, a great value for money! No wonder a lot of moms have been using Suave Kids. I'm sorry for ignoring you, Suave! 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that's Rain in a pail, in a bathtub. A good water-saving tip for little toddlers to "swim" hehehe ;-)

Friday, September 19, 2014

heyÜ! PLDT Has A Cool New Communication App! (Plus Win a Samsung Galaxy S5!)

PLDT hey u app

        A lot of Filipinos now are getting more techie. I, for one have more and more aunts and uncles that are even more active in Facebook than me. Everyone’s on Facebook, and everyone has different kinds of chat apps that the normal texting and calling is not used as much anymore. I mean who needs to when you can do it all over an app, as long as you’re connected on the internet, right? Almost everyone is almost always online.

PLDT hey u app

        I’ve lost count but there are honestly a lot of chat apps that you can download over the internet nowadays. And I believe it continuously grows as I type. But which one is best worldwide? I guess it’s really hard to tell and it depends on each person’s needs. But if you’re looking for an app that you can use for easy communication between you and your family, there’s a new app you can use made for Filipinos by PLDT. It’s the new PLDT heyÜ app!

Krispy Kreme Premium Chocolate Creations: CADBURY!!!

cadbury donuts

        Dear Karla and Aouie.... because I always have you in mind when it comes to having sweet tooth. This post is for you! 

        I think you will be more than delighted to find out that Krispy Kreme's Premium Chocolate Creations. A beautiful line of donuts this September in celebration of Chocolate month!

Well, all you really need to know are 4 words:





Thursday, September 18, 2014

Play Place in Greenhills: Why Kid's Workshop is Pretty Special

Kid's Workshop Greenhills


        So remember that time when I was venting out that there were no play places in Greenhills where I could leave my 2 year old daughter to play while I attended to something? Turns out I was wrong. There IS a play place in Greenhills. And apparently, it's been there for TEN YEARS!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Disney Princess Clip-On Dresses!

disney princess clip on dress

        I've been seeing this toy in YouTube for quite some time now, because Rain keeps landing on them when she watches her favorite kiddie videos in YouTube (Disclaimer, with my supervision! I'm being defensive haha!). Anyway, since my little Rainbow is fond of playing with little dolls wherein she can alter them in some way, I thought she would really love these Disney Princess Clip On Dresses!

        So back in June, when Richie asked me what toy he should get for Rain while he was in the states, this was on the top of my list! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ready Steady Go Kids: Sports and Learning, Rolled Into One!

ready steadu go kids

        My little Rainbow is already turning 3 this coming October. Most of the kids here in our neighbor, some even younger than Rain, have already started school in one of the nurseries in our village. And frankly I've been a bit pressured thinking I should also already send Rain to school. But at the same time, I also believe that the traditional schools focuses more on socializing. And I was worried that I might just compare Rain with other kids that might already know how to add. (exaggerating). But something inside me didn't feel that Rain is ready to start real school.

        I want Rain to go to a place where she can do some fun activities and at the same time have fun in learning. A learning place that she won't be "graded" yet with the number of alphabets or numbers that she memorizes. 

        So now I'm thanking my lucky stars that I discovered Ready Steady Go Kids through the invite of Janice (Mommy Mundo). She introduced me and other mommy bloggers to the people who brought this brilliant Preschool sport and exercise program from Australia, and is now operating in more than 150 locations in Australia and across Asia! And I was so happy Rain got to try it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

IPPUDO Now in the Philippines!


        Fukuoka, Tokyo, New York, Seoul,  Shanghai, Taiwan, Shenzen, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Sydney, and now, IPPUDO has reached the Philippines and will be open TOMORROW (September 10, 2014)! Particularly at SM Megamall Fashion Hall!

thin noodles

        Now before you think "Another ramen restaurant?!" just check it out first and and see. Who knows, you might just love it! Especially when you hear about IPPUDO's history