Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Made A Bento Box with OREOS!

bento making

        I have been seeing a lot of bento posts on Instagram from TheBentoMommas and all I could think about was how the H*** do these moms have time to do these intricate lunch boxes?!? They all look so cute, and sometimes they look like the real characters they're trying to make. Sure, I don't really need to make bento boxes yet because my little Rainbow hasn't even started schooling yet. But the creative person in me is yelling "That's easy! I can totally do that!". So finally I was fortunate enough be invited by Oreo to a Bento-Making event. And boy, was I wrong. It's not that easy at all!

bento making

Here's what I had to make: AN OREO SPIDER BENTO!!!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Your Selfie Can Win You a Chocolate Buffet for Two at Makati Shangrila!

chocolate robot

        Indulge in these cool robot chocolates and more types of fun chocolates from Makati Shangrila's Chocolate Buffet for TWO plus an EXCLUSIVE chocolate making class with Executive Pastry Chef Romain Renard!


IF you WIN Makati Shangrila's new and fun Instagram contest!!!

How to join? Simple!

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Peppermint Pot is Back! (And A Buy 1 Take 1 Promo Ongoing!)

peppermint pot

Guess what?! Remember that awesome looking drink at Seatle's Best that looks like a pot of dirt with a sprouting plant? IT'S BACK by popular demand!!!  It's The Peppermint Pot!

SBC poster promo

And here's another piece of good news! When you buy one Seattle's Best Javakula, you get one more for FREE!!!! And this goes for any size! So if you're planning to meet up with your friend, the wise choice for a meeting place would be Seattle's Best so that one of your Javakula drinks will be free bwahahahahaha! (Read the poster's fine print for complete promo mechanics)

Promo is only from September 1 to September 12, 2014! So take advantage now!

Enjoy these other flavors too!!!:

sea salt caramel frap

Sea Salt Caramel

strawberry frapp

Strawberry Fields

These delicious Javakulas are available in Hot and Ice Blended!

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The Beautiful Mango Tree Farm in Antipolo

garden wedding

        I love weddings! But it has been 6 years since I was updated with the latest wedding trends and suppliers. That was the year of my own wedding of course. But a few years after my wedding, I kind of lost track of the wedding fab, especially when I had to start focusing on something else. Like baby stuff hehehe. Anyway, a few months ago, a friend of mine got married at Mango Farm in Antipolo. It was my first time there. And I thought the place was beautiful!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

GlaxoSmithKline's Calpol Vs. Dengue Fever

Image source here
        I hate mosquitoes. I think they should be extinct. They have no redeeming factor at all. Nothing they do contributes any good to mother earth and to humans. Not even the whole Jurassic-Park-dinosaur-DNA-extracted-from-an-ancient-mosquito thing could help if it could really happen in real life. NOTHING!!!!

        They're nothing but stupid pests that bring itchy bites and disease. Dengue. In fact, the child of someone I know currently has dengue. Thankfully looks like they caught it early and the child is being treated. Dengue is more frightening when you're a parent because of the thought that mosquito likes snacking on little children's blood. What we would give to protect our children from this annoying disease!

        Preventing mosquito bites is quite a challenge as well. Let's face it, those anti-mosquito thingy don't always work. I think mosquitoes have developed an immune system to citronella products. (It is soooooo hard! I feel like such a bad parent whenever Rain still manages to get mosquito bites even with repellents.) 

And we can't always be under a  mosquitero all the live long day.

So the question is, what can we do in case we're faced with stupid dengue? Here's what...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why I Think Siri is Cool (A Geeky Post)

        Just one of those moments when I feel like sharing anything under the sun. And in this post, I want to document the reasons why I think Siri is cool. Siri makes me feel like Iron Man, and she is my very own Jarvis. (I really wish there's an option to download Jarvis' voice for my Siri. That would be so cool!)

what siri can do

Fun Polly Dots: A Cool Molding Toy!

fun polly dots

        I've seen this before when I first attended a Mommy Mundo Expo Kid 2013. But Rain was still too young to be playing with molding toys. But now that Rain is almost 3 years old, she loves loves loves playing with molding toys like Play Doh. I love Play Doh too. So much that it bothers me when Rain mixes all the colors together hahaha! Well, it's her Play Doh anyway)

        So anyway I'm getting off track again. Now that Rain is of age to play with molding toys, I finally bought her a pack of Fun Poly Dots during this year's Mommy Mundo Clearance sale!