Thursday, November 26, 2015


Climbing trees

        The other day, Rain, our kasambahays and I were getting some fresh air outside the house, by the aratilis tree. It was short enough to climb. So she climbed it with her yaya. (Technically, this is her first time to climb a tree so I thought it would be nice to take a photo of).

        Anyway, then she started picking out the small leaves by the branches one by one. I didn't want her to get used to picking leaves and flowers because she might do it to the other neighbors' plants. So I told her...

Me: Rain, don't pick out the leaves! The tree is hurting! It's saying "Ouch Rain! That hurts!"

Rain pauses for a while, looks at me with a blank stare on her face..

Rain: Tree don't have mouth.   

        Oo nga naman. Serves mama right for being overly dramatic! This used to be easier. Mahirap na utuin!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lola Cafe+Bar's New Menu!

Lola Cafe QC

        A few weeks ago, Richie came home raving about this restaurant he tried in Quezon City. He couldn't stop telling me all about the dishes he tried there. It was this place in Sct. Lozano QC called Lola Cafe+Bar with their new menu by Executive Chef Jonvic Mangibin . Intrigued, I went with him to try it for myself and found out he was right! The dishes there are really rave-worthy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wonderfilled: OREO Spreads the Spirit of Sharing

OREO Wonderfilled

        Last weekend, I attended OREO's very first activation event in Glorietta. And I say this whole hardheartedly that it is one experience that I will never forget! A truly #wonderfilled event that was more than just promoting the brand. It was about promoting the great value of SHARING.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

6 Reasons Why I Recommend ASUS ZenPower

ASUS ZenPower Gold

        Let's face it. In the world of Smartphones, and with our everyday tasks highly dependent on smartphones, we need a phone with a long life battery. But even if you have a long battery life, if you use your phone like there's no tomorrow, constantly checking your phone even if you don't have new notifications, you're sure to finish off your phone's battery before the day ends. Or in my case, constantly using my phone's data to connect to the net to check my little Rainbow through the Baby Vision cam to see how she's doing when I'm not at home.

        So what happens when you have an emergency? (tan tan taaaaan...) That's why if you ask me, having a powerbank for your phone is like bringing a jug of water when you go running. Once you realize you've left that bottle of water at home, you feel unarmed.

        So if you currently don't have a powerbank, I suggest you buy now. But when you buy, you have to make sure it's of a trusted brand. Because there are a lot of generic ones out there in bazaars and stuff but because of their poor quality, it may not last very long, or worse, it may malfunction and cause scary accidents. God forbid! One brand that I would definitely recommend is the ASUS ZenPower. Why? Here are the simple reasons...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bo's Coffee's 2016 Planner is More Than Just a Journal!

        With all the stress that comes in the way of office work and parenting, it's very easy to lose ourselves in the middle of all the chaos. That it comes to a point where we sometimes forget to take a moment to just stop and do something that exercises the creative side of our brain. I honestly can't remember the last time I really did something artsy, like coloring, until my little Rainbow asked me to draw something for her with her crayons. I almost forgot the joy that coloring brings! I guess that's why those adult coloring books have become a thing now.

Bo's Coffee 2016 Planner
Bo's Coffee CEO Steve D. Benitez
        But Bo's Coffee, a believer in the Filipino's homegrown talent, brilliantly thought of remedying that by collaborating with Filipino creatives Works of Heart Jayneil Padilla (winner of Bo's Coffee's Sketch Your Homegrown Pride contest), IGers Manila (An organization for visual storytelling through mobile photography), and Vicente Navarro (Coffee Artist who has done exhibits locally and abroad) to create Start: A Creative Journal! It's a journal that you can draw on inside and out! This showcases local artworks in typography, mobile photography, sketching, and even coffee painting!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Dove Deo Getaway: Trip for 2 to Maldives!

Dove Deodorant

        It's nice to know that there's a deodorant that doesn't only deodorize your underarms but also helps take care of your skin. Especially with all the shaving and plucking we do to make it look clean and smooth. And that's Dove Deodorant! And because it's Dove, you know you're really in the most gentle care because its got 1/4 moisturizing cream which helps make underarms smoother. Dove is the most recommended deodorant by dermatologists, as certified during a 2015 Philippine Dermatological Society convention survey. It's THAT gentle on the skin. That being said, Dove Deo is really a must-have on your travel check list, no matter what the season.


        Segue to our stressful lives. With all the stress we moms and all women experience everyday, it's wise and healthy to take a break once in a while and just relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax....

Well, wish granted by Dove!!! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Start Creating Barista-Like Coffee with Nescafe Red Mug!

Nescafe Red Mug Coffee Machine

        You guys have probably seen this gorgeous shiny sleek red machine being posted around social media. This is real! And it's one of the best and most easy to use machine that is so simple and easy to use but creates amazing and impressive cups of coffee in under 5 minutes! It's the Nescafe Red Mug Coffee Machine!

        You might be thinking... "It's a coffee machine. Big deal". The big deal is this is a much more simple machine yet it creates barista-like drinks. Cappuccino (with the foam and all!), a beautifully layered latte, Americano, Mocha, and more! You can even create your own, using whatever ingredient you like. Seriously!  You can even use Nescafe 3-in-1!