Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blood Suckers

empty lot swampWe live beside a huge empty lot filled with luscious tall green grass with a big puddle that looks like a little river. It's great because its like we have a big garden (a garden we really can't play in but still). Its refreshing and the air breezes freely inside our living room because there are no houses blocking. It's a treat to hang out in the living room with Rain especially in the afternoon when the breeze is cooler and stronger. Perfect setting for a baby to nap.

But of course, like almost everything in life, this has its drawback. And that happens to be mosquitoes. Fat stubborn irritating mosquitoes that come alive at the break of dusk like vampires. It can really be bothersome especially when you have a baby at home.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cooking for Dummies : Arroz Caldo

Those who know me know perfectly well that my knowledge and ability to cook is Zilch. Nada. During pot lucks, most of my friends bring something they prepared in their own kitchen and I always have to have dibs on desert so I can conveniently bring like a box of Krispy Kreme or Oz Cake's Choco molten lava.( Not that they're complaining because Oz's Lava cakes is the best in the whole world!)

But when you're a mom like me who doesn't have household help, you have no choice. That toddler has got to be fed with real food! A this point, Gerber and Cerelac are no longer enough.

So I asked my sister's maid to teach me how to cook a simple arroz caldo (Rice congee with chicken). It's a perfect dish to learn because its something that both an adult and a baby can enjoy. And the great thing about it is you only need the usual cooking ingredients laying around your kitchen. Ingredients I take for granted:

ginger garlic onions broth
I know I should be using real chicken stock. That will be my next "project" hehe

"R" is for Rookie

Today is Tuesday, January 15th in the Philippines and its unusually cold outside. The breeze is strong and cool. Perfect weather for my napping baby girl, a perfect time for a hot cup of coffee, and a perfect moment to be writing my first blog entry ever!

My husband has a full time job and a part time blog (aiming for full time! Check him out at and I am a stay at home first time mom. All I have ever wanted was to be just that. Stay home and take care of my children. And I'm happy to say I am living the dream! But my life is just beginning!

My lovely daughter is only turning 15 months on January 17. Shes this little bundle of joy who has an obsession with Sesame Street, remote controls, and reading books (reading actually just means flipping the pages and sometimes ripping them out if she could). She is growing up so fast (Nooooooooo!) and the truth is I'm am terrified of the fact that I will be missing her as a baby very soon. Once she grows up into a kid and then soon hit puberty. I don't want to think about it. So I'm just going to live and savor the moment.

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