Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Awakening!

For a long time I have been hesitant to make my own blog. Richie has been bugging me to do it but I always said I'll think about it and then brush off the topic. I have been hesitant not because I'm worried I might not have time to manage it (as you may already know I have tons of careers like dishwasher, lavender (Labandera hahahahaha!) I mean doing laundry, a trying - (very) hard chef, and a freelance writer. I have been hesitant because I was too worried that I would not be a good mommy blogger to follow. I'm scared to be shot down by readers (if any) and unintentionally exposing all the boo boos and errors I might be making as a first time mom. Or even as simple as spelling or grammatical error, or people not enjoying the way I write. For a person who firmly believes in The Secret philosophy,  deep inside I have negative thoughts when it comes to myself. Yes, I have self confidence issues. There, I said it.

But just a few minutes ago as I was about to start some freelance work, I was side-tracked by Facebook and before I knew it I was browsing through some of the Mommy blogs. One blog lead to another and soon I ended up in The recent post on the site woke me up. It was like a tsinelas (slippers) that thumped me in the head really hard. It's called "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You". 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bottom's Up!: Baby Bottles Of Today

If the moms of the simpler days were to time travel to today, they would probably be awestruck with the baby items we have on the market and might mistake it for a little alien rocketship. I am definitely not a mom of the past but I was surprised as well to find out how complicated baby bottles are now!

Last night I washed Rain's bottle at 12 midnight. It's usually the only convenient time for me to do so because she would be knocked out and I won't have to worry about her waking up while I have bottle brushes and soap all over my arms. And so before cleaning her bottles, I decided to time myself and see how long it takes me to wash them. You might think I'm a bit crazy but you would understand why I wanted to do this when you see Rain's bottles a.k.a the bottles of today.

platex ventaire advanced
Rain's Playtex VentAire Bottles. Notice the angle shape of the body

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Swirl Card from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

I love coffee. Any brand. I'm not picky and I'm definitely not a coffee expert. I don't know what granules are best and what not but I do love coffee. Coffee to me is like cigarette to smokers wherein after a heavy hearty meal you just get the urge to have because you feel it washes away that feeling of "bloatness" (Is that even a word? I'm not sure if I am making sense but just go with me hahahahahaha *nervous laughter, body shaking. Caffeine overload*). Hihihi! Nah, I wouldn't really call myself a coffee addict because I can limit myself to just 3 cups a day (since I am still proudly breastfeeding at night). And according to most breastfeeding research I googled, up to 3 cups is okay for breastfeeding moms. (Always best ask your OB-GYN first don't take my word for it).

But anyway because I have been willingly locked up in the cave of mother hood and refused to go out (beautiful, colorful cave with butterfly murals and rainbow sprinkles), it is only now that I came across this wonder that is called Swirl Card of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The cashier sales-talked me and explained that with the card, you can earn points that you can use for purchase yada yada yada. During this point, my mind sort of wandered off because a lot of establishments have the same concept but then miss Cashier brought me back when she suddenly said the two magic words which sounded slow motion but with music to my ears...


Free Wi-Fi to all branches when you present this card which only cost 195 Php? Obviously I was sold!

coffee bean and tea leaf swirl card 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sling it, Baby!

There has always been a few occasions where a complete stranger comes up to me and asks where I bought my baby sling. At my pedia's clinic, or at some other public place. Not that I blame them and not that it bothers me. My baby sling does look pretty funky. It's tie dyed in dark purple and midnight blue. Turn it inside out and its a plain khaki color which can go with everything. (Yes ladies its reversible giving you two designs! I'm sure I'm really catching your attention now) Also, it doesn't look overly complicated unlike other slings I've seen. Mine just looks like a big cloth band that hugs me and Rain like a tight miss Universe sash.

tie dye baby wear
Rainbow at 6 or 7 months. Comfy!