Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bottom's Up!: Baby Bottles Of Today

If the moms of the simpler days were to time travel to today, they would probably be awestruck with the baby items we have on the market and might mistake it for a little alien rocketship. I am definitely not a mom of the past but I was surprised as well to find out how complicated baby bottles are now!

Last night I washed Rain's bottle at 12 midnight. It's usually the only convenient time for me to do so because she would be knocked out and I won't have to worry about her waking up while I have bottle brushes and soap all over my arms. And so before cleaning her bottles, I decided to time myself and see how long it takes me to wash them. You might think I'm a bit crazy but you would understand why I wanted to do this when you see Rain's bottles a.k.a the bottles of today.

platex ventaire advanced
Rain's Playtex VentAire Bottles. Notice the angle shape of the body

Rain uses Playtex. Ventaire-Wide to be exact. I chose to stick with this because a friend gave one bottle (Rain's first bottle ever) during my baby shower and I found it cute and chubby (yes that was my deciding factor hahaha. Women!) And also so that all her bottles will be matching. (yes you have my permission again to roll thy eyes. Women!) But of course I also researched about it first before buying more. im' not THAT crazy. More of that in a bit. First let me show you the parts of Rain's Playtex bottle...

platex ventaire advanced parts
Parts of a Playtex VentAire (6 oz bottle) 

Yes ladies and first time moms-to-be. This is not a crime scene evidence photo but this is Rain's disassembled bottle. It is composed of 6 pieces, for crying out loud. And this is precisely the reason why I found it interesting to time myself in washing these babies. For 7 bottles, it took me 20 mins to disassemble  wash, rinse, and plop it all in the sterilizer  Sterilizing time not included. Of course as a mom you would want to make sure you fairly scrub each and every part of the bottle to make sure there are no spoiled milk residues left.

Yes it really is tedious to clean because of the hundred and one parts, but I'm pretty sure the Playtex company wouldn't make a lot of parts just for the heck of it and to make fun of moms. It's all engineered carefully to make a baby's feeding session as comfortable as possible.

platex ventaire advanced bottom cover
Bottom cover with air vents

Upon checking their site I saw some illustrations on how this bottle reduces air colic through the air holes at the bottom (a.k.a micro channel vents) The air goes out through these channel air vents so it will not mix with the milk and so your baby won't take any air in her little tummy. Also because of the angle shape of VentAire, this allows your baby to feed in a semi upright feeding position which is supposedly recommended by pedias to help avoid ear infection. Because of the air vents and together with the angle shape, the flow of the milk becomes consistent so that it will minimize pressure on your baby's ear canals. It's also the one responsible for protecting your baby against spit-up, gas, and most importantly colic. For a more visual explanation, click the Playtex link below and watch the video:

I can attest that Rain never did experience colic or bad gas (that I know of). Just some minor spit ups but I think that's perfectly normal. She also did not have a hard time transitioning from my breast to her bottle because of it's wide nipples which mimics the shape of a mother's nipples. It doesn't easily crack or wear off but it time it does get a bit yellowish compared to newly bought nipples.

Just a tip though if you decide to go with Platex for your baby. When assembling the (bottom rubber), make sure you press it tight before screwing the body and the bottom together. If not placed on properly, you'll end up with milk splatters all over. Other that that, you're good to go!

Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins

playtex nurser drop-in liners
Playtex Nurser with Drop-in Liners

Whenever we travel to Rain's Bito and Bita's house, or any trip that is, I always bring this Playtex Nurser bottle. It's much more convenient because all you need to do is bring one Nurser and a couple of Drop In liners. Those plastic liners that hold the milk are disposable. So after each use, I just clean the nipple a bit with her sterilized water and replace the liner with a new one. Yes this means you do not need to bring a lot of bottles during each trip thus more diaper bag space for other stuff. But I make it a point to bring at least one normal bottle for emergencies. Like if I accidentally forget to pack more drop in liners which in my case of Momnesia, is very possible hehehe.

To see the Playtex Nurses in action, go to the link below and watch the bideo:

playtex nurser travel bottle
Baby Rain and her Playtex Nurser

There are tons of other bottle brands in the markets today. Some even more complicated that Playtext. Make sure you research on any baby items you want to buy for your baby. YouTube reviews are very helpful too because you can see the actual product with real first hand experiences. You may also buy just one or two first, see if your baby is comfortable with it, before buying more. Anyway, just think of the long washing part as your labor of love (as all other tasks we do everyday for our family). But just go with what your heart (and wallet) tells you!


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