Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Super Book

For days I have been wanting to buy a book that will help me aid Rain's development. I have been so worried that I am not doing a thorough job in teaching Rain what she should be learning at this point. I felt so lost. Plus I felt like I wasn't a great teacher. (So many worries. You wouldn't want to get inside my head).

So anyway I was killing time in National Bookstore a few days ago and checked out the parenting section. How do you know which book to buy? There are tons and it's not like I can buy all of them. They're not exactly cheap. I read the back of each book so I can decide which would be the best buy for me. And more importantly if it covers what I want to learn as a first time mom. I saw this SUPERBABY book by Dr. Jenn Berman, read the back, and keywords I was looking for started flying out of the back cover:

SIMPLE tips....
Help nurture child's FULL POTENTIAL ...
Nurturing a HEAD START ....
Understanding UNLIMITED value of mutual TRUST and RESPECT....
One-stop shop for NEW PARENTS"

And for the book and author's credentials, these words definitely got me sold: Oprah .... Regular on the Today Show... the Early Show... And CNN....won Mom's Choice Award Gold Recepient in Parenting Category

Truly you can never go wrong with a booked marked as "National Best Seller". I'm so happy with my purchase. And this only cost P495 while other parenting books I was looking at cost almost P700. And most of all, I am learning a lot as a first-time mom and it helped me understand how to be better in guiding Rain with her development.

Even before I wasn't pregnant yet, I knew I wanted to have kids. But I also knew (and was seriously terrified) if I would be able to discipline my child well. I love kids but I don't like bratty kids who throw tantraums in public places (doesn't everrybody?). So I constantly prayed to have a well-behaved baby, not thinking clearly that babies and their character do not come in preset packages unlike creating characters in Sims. How my child behaves will all depend on me... On how well I understand her cues. It's such a logical idea that I never would have realized if I didn't read Dr. Jenn Berman's SUPERBABY book (Disclaimer: does it sound like a sponsored post? It's not. I actually really think this book should be the bible of moms of toddlers and that's why I want to share this in my blog)

It basically says that in order to raise a happy and healthy child, we as parents need to be fully tuned in to our babies, put ourselves in their shoes, and analyze what it is that is making them fussy, uncomfortable, or throw a tantraum. We must remember that when we show them and tell them that we understand how they feel (instead of immediately getting mad at them), it makes them feel secure and they will feel that they can trust you. And this way, your child will learn how to understand his own feelings and will eventually know how to handle it on his own. He will no longer have to rely on somebody to calm him down. Emotional Intelligence is the key. If you have this connnection with your child, then everything will be downhill from there.

So I think I will be posting some good pointers here from time to time because I do believe it's worth sharing! This maybe the only reference book I've read page by page. I'm still at page 40 but so far I found all the text in all the pages so important and not worth skipping!


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