Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Love Saturdays

Don't you just love Saturdays? You don't have to wake up early and think about work, and you don't have to sleep early to wake up early the next day. I especially love this Saturday because it's the day that Rain came home from her overnight stay with mom. Since I had to be somewhere last night, we thought it would be nice for Rain to spend the night with her Bita :-)

I love our little Rainbow so much. She's such a joy! But of course she can be very tiring to attend to. So I have to admit I was also savoring the moment that Rain was in someone elses care. At least I got to relax a bit. But of course I missed her. Everyday. Even when she's with me. Even when she' just sleeping, I miss her. When she's awake and being rambunctious, I want her to take a nap. But when she's taking a long nap, I would wish she would wake up soon. Motherhood's such a roller coaster ride.

Anyway, yesterday (Saturday), we took my brother in law to one of our favorite restaurants, Village Tavern, as a post birthday blow out. Super post. His birthday was last month hehe. Better late than never! As always, we ordered some of our favorite Tavern starters: the Blackened Shrimp, and the Applewood smoked bacon pizza with gruyere cheese. Two starters that never fails to make our eyes roll with delight everytime we take a bite.

My brother in law Ryan, enjoyed the food. And as predicted, after devouring those starters, we were starting to feel full. We still had main courses waiting. Anyway, the main courses finally arrived and we ate until we couldnt take another bite. We ended the meal with a super huge double decker cheese cake compliments of the house. (Thanks Eric! The best ka talaga!)

Rain and I goofing around with the camera while waiting for the food :)

We went straight home and hung out until Ryan had to go home. Am happy we got to spend time with him, and I'm happy that our little Rainbow is home with us!

Hope you all had a nice Saturday too!

PS: Ryan is camera shy hence his absence in my photos hehe

Rain and Daddy super full from lunch!


  1. Rina, your kids are adorable! :) (Yes, I'm counting Richie as your kid.hehehehe.)

  2. I knew it! you're Mrs. Pickiest eater! :D

    stay pretty :D


    1. Hahahahaha! Yes its me!:-) but i'm not picky, just to clarify. That's just Richie hahaha!;) thanks Lady_Myx!:-)

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