Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tiny Buds Hand Sanitizer

I was browsing through an issue of Smart Parenting magazine a few months before I gave birth and I saw this hand sanitizer that says "Food Safe Ingredients". I thought to myself I have to have this in Rain's diaper bag all the time.

Clean little hands are good to see!

So now that Rain is here, this Tiny Buds bottle has never left the diaper bag. For only P68.75 (at that time, not sure if it changed), you can get a 65ml spray bottle from Toys R Us. Its made from super safe ingredients so its really safe for babies. And as a testimony to how outdated I am, upon checking the net, it turns out they already released two new scents last December: Tutti Fruitti and Orange. I am probably the most outdated mom I know hehe. When I get the chance to go to the mall I'll buy a tutti frutti.

So there just wanted to post a quick something while Rain is asleep. Hope you all have a pleasant Saturday!