Monday, April 1, 2013

Another Cool Bazaar: Grand Lifestyle Summer Trade Fair and Baazaar

Here's another awesome bazaar coming up in May! It will be held at the Filinvest Tent, Alabang on May 23-26, 2013. For sure you'll see a lot of local and imported stuff you'd be interested in. From apparels, to gadgets, accessories, organic items, furnitures, you name it! It would be a shame to pass this event! For interested sellers, check out the invitation below from CBB Events (Ms. Ma. Concepcion Bersola and Ms. TinTin Babao):

Good day! We at CBB Events are glad to inform you that our "Summer Lifestyle Trade Fair and Bazaar" is moved to May 23, 24, 25, 26 - 2013, with shopping  time from 11AM to 9PM at the same newest, classy, beautifully elegant venue: The Filinvest Tent. It is located at Filinvest City, Alabang.

The change of date is due to the request of our importer merchants because the great bulk of their new products is due to come from abroad by May.  On the part of exporters and online entrepreneurs, more new styles and creations are coming out on the month of May.

The shoppers are Class A and B from residents of high-end villages and corporate offices' staff from the surrounding area.

Booth prices for solo, full-panelled booths on all the 4-days occupancy are:
1.) P10,000 - 2sqm., 2 side open, with 3-meter panelled walls for hanging items display, horizontal wide area inside.

2.) P12,000 - 3sqm., 2 side open, with 3.5-meter panelled walls for hanging items display, bigger area inside booth.

3.) P15,000 - 4sqm., 1 side open, 2-meter frontage, with 6-meter panelled walls for hanging items display.

4.) P18,000 - 4sqm., prime center area, 2 side open, with 4-meter panelled walls for hanging items display.

Price range suits merchants' budgets that will lead to surprising big business income this May.
1.) The P12,000 booths are from Booth No. 54 to 119 as well as Booth 15 to 22. They are located on the left side of the layout. 

2.) The P15,000 booths are Booth Nos. 2 to 14, 40 to 48, 51 and 53 - all located on the first row in the layout near the entrance and exit.

3.) The P18,000 booths are all located in the prime center area from Booth No. 120 to 233, as well as Booth Nos. 23 to 39, 49, 52

4.) The P10,000 booths will be half of any of the vacant 4sqm. booths which will be divided into two by a 2 meter wall partition. The half booths will be treated as solo booths with 3 meter walls for hanging display.

5.) The panelled walls of the booths can also be used for tarpaulin promo display of corporations and companies.

6.) Product sampling and flyering are also allowed in your booths.

7.) Concessionaires who are paying for 2 booths or more are allowed time for seminars, fashion shows and product promotions on the stage for 1 hour on any one (1) day of the event.
For booth booking & participation and signing of the contract, please call CBB Events Secretary Ms. Kris de Guzman at 931-0852 / 861-0006 / 0919-6222498.


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