Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chooze Shoes: Celebrating Individuality

Everything was quiet. Lights were turned off. Rain and Richie were fast asleep. And so were the rest of the world. Only sound I could hear was the hum of the airconditioner, and the only light in the room was from the iPad, emitting on my face. I was catching up on my blog hopping when I saw something in Animetric's post that caught my attention...



I'm not much of a fashion person (actually I'm not at all) but I fell in love with these shoes right away. It was love at first sight! And I didn't want them for me. I wanted them for Rain! (It's true what they say that a mom's priorities will really intentionally change).

Apparently, they're called Chooze and this brand is known in the US and is now here in the Philippines on all KidSport Stores. They're known for making comfortable shoes that look different from each other, but retained an element which makes them look somehow the same. Like for example, same color scheme but different print. You get the point. It's their way of promoting and celebrating individuality and uniqueness!

Needless to say, I immediately joined Animetric's contest. But I remember I had already won one of giveaways before so I didn't want to push my luck. Luckily, a few days after, Mommy Fleur also held a Chooze giveaway! Yahoooo! And I felt like a lucky lotto winner when I found out after a few weeks that I win! woot! woot! It's in the stars!!!!

At KidSport Galleria

We went to KidSport in Galleria but because I have this bad habit of not reading, turns out the gift certificate I won was only valid at Shangri-La. Richie was not amused. So I just planned another trip to Shangri-La to claim it.

For little girls and ladies
For little boys :-) i like the square alien ones :-)


My first Chooze crush!

I was really hoping to get this design for Rain but they only had it in bigger sizes. (heartbroken). I wanted to get a size that would enable Rain to wear it for a long time. If i got her current size now, she would outgrow it in just a couple of weeks for sure.

The contenders

Here are the final three! I tell you its probably the longest I have spent deciding on shoes. The one on the left is super cute though I thought they looked too different from afar. People might think my child really has on two different shoes by mistake hehe (Nakaka OC hahaha! That's just my opinion). The red is super cute too! But red is hard to pair with a lot of Rain's dainty colored outfits. So I went with the one in the middle :-) it was just right that it looked different but it has the same lilac shade.

Rain's Chooze!

You can tell the quality of the shoes are sturdy enough for everyday use, and comfortable. And also, it's easy to wear! No complicated shoe strings. I can't wait till it fits her perfectly! Thinking of buying one for me too! :-) Heheheehe.

Rain unboxing and trying her Chooze :-)

Thanks again to Mommy Fleur and KidSport!!! :-) You made little Rain and mommy Rina very happy!



  1. Replies
    1. Get na!!!:-) you wont regret it its really adorable! Head-turner pa!;-)

  2. Hmm, little sister might like this. Do they have adult sizes? hehe. :)

    1. Yes they do! Check my photos of the shoe display. The ones on the lower part are the big sizes :)

  3. Super cute! I wish they had more styles for adults. :D

    1. I know right? I really want one! I hope they have my size in that beige one hehehe :-)

  4. Hello from the USA - We are writing to you from the CHOOZE Headquarters. Thank you so much for this lovely blog post and amazing photos. We are so happy you found us. With love, Sharon & the CHOOZE team.

    1. Hi Sharon!!!!!! The pleasure was all mine! We're happy too that CHOOZE reached our shores hehe :-) Thank you so much your comment made my day!!! :-)

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