Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Sunday Food!

       As I have made it clear numerous times before in this blog, I don't know how to cook. My cooking knowledge is limited to frying hot dogs  and recently, arroz caldo. That's why I'm at awe whenever I meet someone who knows how to cook really really scrumptious dishes! (And also cant help but feel a bit ashamed of being a SAHM that doesn't cook hehehehe)

       So whenever we go to my in-law's place in Antipolo for a family gathering, I have to admit that besides looking forward to spending time with family, I also look forward to what's going to be on the table most especially when I know it's the cooking of my sister-in-law, Rose! She's by far one of the most talented home cooks I know! You can be sure you're in for something really special! (She should make her own recipe blog!)

       So while Mom was busy preparing the place and all the wonderful treats for the kids featured in my first Easter Sunday blog, and my sister Raqs was busy organizing what other things needs to be done, and I was a happy helper with the treats, my other sister in law Rose was busy in the kitchen whipping up some amazing Easter Sunday meal!

       So without further adieu, here's what we had for Easter prepared by Mom and Rose!

Deviled Eggs! Rose's little girl, Zoe helped put the faces of the chicks in this Deviled Egg recipe! A perfect starter for the kids!

Deviled Eggs
Grilled meatballs! Another yummy starter.

Grilled Meatballs

The star of the Easter feast! Prime Ribs and Bone-in Rib Eye! Perfectly grilled to perfection by Rose's hubby, Randy! And the gravy is to die for! I can actually just eat rice with Rose's gravy and I would be happy!

Well hello there, Steak!
Another yummy close up shot! I just had to! *drool*

No this is not lasagna. It's Scalloped Potatoes! This is one of the best potato dishes I have ever tried! One of Richie's favorites too!

Scalloped Potatoes
Next is a seafood pasta which everyone loved! Kids and adults! Richie of course didn't want to risk eating a tomato-based pasta because of his hyper acidity.. His tummy is weird like that. (Hence, the blog name The Pickiest Eater)

Seafood Pasta
And of course, there's always dessert from Ryan!

Belgian Chocolate-covered Cheesecake! 

Apple Crumble!

I'm sure I made you drool! Wipe off your saliva from your computer screen. Hehehehe

Food I didn't get to take a photo of (boo-hoo):
Merienda: Nacho dip made with cheese, ground beef, tomato, and onions
Dinner: Roast Chicken!

So now you see what I mean when I say I get excited for any Zamora feast everytime! Hats off again to the Zamora Chefs! Let's make your own cooking show!!! :-)