Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Expo Mom 2013

          This is my first time to attend Expo Mom. And though I was only there for a short period of time, I must say I wasn't disappointed! It was not a super huge bazaar which is good because it's easy to make your rounds. And all of the booths there were all really essential for moms and babies. I attended on the second day because Rain had a prior engagement last Saturday to attend her Ate Chevy's super cute birthday party which I will post soon. Busy baby!

          The P30 entrance fee is so worth it. Why? You get a nice loot bag with a jar of Gerber, plus you get to help contribute to the proceeds for MomShare outreach projects!

First booth we visited of course was the Bug & Kelly booth! Check out their new designs!

Super adorable shirt and skirt sets!

And check my Pickiest Eater modeling their new heroes collection! Only here in Rina's Rainbow!;)

Richie the Hunk

The Amazing Richie

Just call him baby!

(I hope i'm with Mom when she sees this hehehe.)

          As most moms, I was on a budget. Okay, a tight budget. I was really there more for the experience and not for shopping. But I couldn't resist buying these little cute pairs of clips for Rain at only P50 per pair. I got these on the sale basket from Natural Origins booth.

          These Organic Fruit Snacks looked really interesting! (Also from Natural Origins booth). But I didn't buy yet because It was a bit expensive for me at the moment (P195 per box) Though I made Rain try one and it seemed like she liked it. Later on, on our way home I suddenly realized that it would have been nice for Rain to have something healthy to nibble on during car trips, etc. I should have bought those organic snacks. Gosh darnit. Next time, my sweetie!

          I was also in awe when I saw these personalized DVDs for kids from Kids Hub booth! You can have your child's photo embedded into one of the characters in the video and once in a while your child will hear her own name. It's as if your child is really part of the animation! This will make an awesome gift to little kiddos!

          I was also able to drop by the booth of Celestina & Co. and saw these super adorable Disney Princess inspired clips. They made Disney Princesses out of just fancy ribbons. Each clip is P115. Not bad I think for the quality and the design of the ribbons. As much as I wanted to collect them all for Rain (I really really do! I love Disney!) , I felt like it's only practical that I only buy one for now. And as much as I love the Disney Princesses, I had to go for the Rainbow clip! A rainbow clip for my little Rainbow! :-) It's perfect! Can't wait for her to wear it!

          I though these wet bags from Manila Baby Shop looked nice. It would look so much better in Rain's diaper bag as opposed to plastic bags for soiled clothes and diapers. But then again it wasn't really a necessity for me at the moment. Though the nice designs were really tempting!

          For babies with super duper sensitive skin, you should check out So True Naturals. They make soaps called Castile soaps that are made purely from olive oil and is supposedly very mild, so mild that it has been dubbed as "newborn soap".  I'm lucky Rain doesn't have any allergy (hoping I don't jinx). But if she does I would definitely would have bought from this booth.

          I was happy to see a booth full of books as Rain really loves flipping through picture books at the moment. Bulilit Bookstore has a very wide selection of educational and more importantly, affordable books (not to mention super cute!) I bought this pretty first colors book. Again, Disney Princess theme for P180.

I also got small princess books for a total of only P191. Who says books need to be expensive? ;)

          That ends my first Expo Mom experience. Too bad for me that I didn't get to attend the talks especially regarding the Momtuition. I wonder if there's a video of the talk that I can watch somewhere. Anyway, congratulations once again to Mommy Mundo for the successful Mom Expo! Till next year!:-)

Photo with Raqs and Julio and Founder of Mommy Mundo, Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva


  1. Natural Origins pala ung name ng booth na yun. I bought a box of the mixed fruits and my baby loved it (I sort of shared it with him.. hehe).

    I do agree, on a budget din ako that day, but there were a lot of products na nakakatempt, like the books and educational toys. Sayang did not get to see you, the pickiest eater, and the baby. I was there on the first day :)

    1. Hi Joanne!Really masarap?:-) I was so tempted to try the sampler also hehehe nahiya lang ako dun sa nag abot ng sample hahaha! So I made Rain try it hehehe :-)

      In a perfect world, i would have bought something in each booth. but oh well. cest la vie hahaha! We hope to bump into you soon! :-)

  2. Hi Rina! I like that Call Me Baby shirt from B&K! My daughter has one like that from Expo Kid. Those clippies from Celestina are also adorable, we only have the Snow White clip. I'm happy that you enjoyed the event. Did you see the Bobble Mini? Yun di ko maoigilan talaga sana hehe :)

    1. Hi Glaiza!:-) yes i saw the Bobble Mini :( i want one for Rain!:( but di ko muna chineck how much hahaha ayaw ko ma-tempt hahaha! I was sure it was out of the budget kasi it's really a ground breaking innovation(nax!) but I will really get for Rain! Sana soon!:-)


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