Thursday, April 4, 2013

MOMTUITION. Yes, it's real!

        Let me share with you a touching story I watched at the recent episode of my favorite hospital drama series, Greys Anatomy:

       A simple mother who works as a waitress brings her son to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for a check up. She tells the doctors that her son has been sick for a few days and all the other hospitals just keep dismissing her telling her that it's nothing to worry about.

       But a few more days has passed and her son is still sick. Her intuition keeps telling her that something is terribly wrong but the doctors just think she's overreacting. She did her own research on the net and made a list of the possible sickness his child might be having based on the symptoms.

       Long story short, a mother's instinct is once again tested when it turns out that her son has Kawasaki disease, (which turned out to be one of the items in her research). The only doctor who believed her and helped her was Dr. Meredith Grey, who was also a mother to a toddler and is currently pregnant.

       Don't you just love Grey's Anatomy? I do!

Grey's Anatomy Episode: She Ain’t Crazy, She’s a Mother! 
       But this post isn't about Grey's Anatomy. It's about a mother's intuition. I have only been a mother for 17 months and so far I have one experience that truly proved that a mother's intuition is real.

       A few months ago, I think Rain was only 5 or 6 months old and has just started to learn how to crawl (albeit very very slowly). She just fell asleep on our bed and I went downstairs really quickly to get a glass of water. Immediately after drinking I suddenly felt this need to rush upstairs.

       I couldn't explain it but my intuition told my body to rush as fast as I can to check on Rain, even though it had only been a few seconds since I left her upstairs. I don't think I ever ran that fast. Ever. As soon as I entered our room, lo and behold, Rain was awake on all fours, at the edge of the bed. Just one move away from falling.

       So yes, new moms. A mother's intuition is real. (And yes it's a rookie mistake to leave your sleeping baby even in a king sized bed with pillows around even for just a few seconds)

       And that's why this year's EXPO MOM by Mommy Mundo is dedicated to the theme Mom Intuition or as they like to call it, MOMTUITION. It's the perfect event for moms to connect with other moms and learn a great deal about parenting, and more! Experience informative and at the same time entertaining workshops and activities in this event that will aid you to be an even better mother than you already are. Hear from experts as to how to develop your MOMTUITION and use it to your advantage. It's one of our super powers as a mother!

       EXPO MOM will be held on April 6-7 2013 at The Rockwell Tent. The doors open at 10:00 AM. Everyone is welcome to attend for a small entrance fee of 30 Php per person, all of which will go directly to the MomShare Outreach Projects. So you won't only be having a great time, it will be for a good cause as well. FYI as well that the event will have a breastfeeding lounge, a diaper changing area, and an area where kids can play. (Yes your little ones are invited too!)

Enjoy a number of Mompreneur booths!

SoMom Jenny Ong (Chronicles of a Nursing Mom) giving a talk about babywearing!

Looks like the little girl wants to take home this cool ducky tub!

       As a plus, EXPO MOM is a great event to check out the best new mommy / baby items out on the market like Bug & Kelly Music Inspired Kids Wear (Sorry I just had to mention hehe).

That's Baby Rain in the middle! :-)

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See you all there! :-)

While we all wait for April 6, perhaps you'd like to share your #momtuition story? I'd love to hear from you! :-)


  1. Hi Rina!
    I think my mom tuition kicks in whenever there's this urge to bring the kids to the doctor. Little do I know na, I was brining them in for a purpose - which was they'd eventually get sick! So strange talaga but I'm thankful kasi at least we're prepared.. Diba?

  2. Agree! Momtuition brings out the doctor mom in us haha!:-)