Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Outback Libis is a Kid-Friendly Place :-)

It was on sunny Sunday afternoon when my husband announced that he wants to take me and the little Rainbow out to a nice lunch. And a nice lunch it was! He took us to this nice little Australian- themed steak house called Outback. Oh yes! It's steak time!

The place is quite dim. Just like all other Steak houses usually are. Whenever we go out to eat with Rain we always try to get a booth. That way I can handle this rambunctious toddler easily. She can walk back and fourth or lay down on that long enclosed seat for as much as she wants.
While waiting for our orders, the waiter came by and gave Rain an activity sheet and some crayons. I guess he saw that she was getting bored playing with the cardboard coasters hehehe. So Rain started playing with the crayons like crazy!
He also gave Rain this cute Outback cup!:-)
Soon our orders arrived. For starters we had the ---- platter. Everything in it was good (except for the celery. it tried nibbling it before just to try it, looking for a reason to get addicted to it. Nada!). The buffalo wings in particular was really tasty. I love it with the blue cheese dip. I like the contrast of the sweetness and slight heat of the wings with the blue cheese.
Richie ordered the Herb Crusted Prime Rib (P1,455). It looked really scrumptious! Although Richie said it wasn't as tender as he thought it would be. But the meat was really tasty and didn't really need the herb crust. And of course, knowing Richie, he was extatic about the amount of fat it had. (Tsk tsk... Mr. Pickiest Eater talaga...)
I on the other hand ordered the Filet Tips with Mushrooms (P699) they're slices of tender steak with ground black pepper and seasoned with Outback's soecial seasoning! I'm always a sucker for tender tips (like salpicao for example). That's why Richie wasn't surprised when I ordered this. It was quite good and filling.
Don't judge me but I also ordered the No Rules Pasta (P479) is a fetuccini dish with homemade parmesan cream sauce. You can choose grilled shrimp, grilled chicken breast, or both, or if you are vegetarian you can have fresh veggies instead. I ordered mine with shrimp. And I got surprised by the volume of shrimp it had. To a point where I finished all the pasta (Well, Richie and I finished the pasta) and there were still a lot of shrimp left. I should have eaten 2-3 shrimps in one bite I think. Anyway it was really good! I would order this again in a heartbeat!

Somewhere between the filet tips and the pasta, the assistant restaurant manager, Nika, approached us and gave Rain this kiddie loot bag since she said she had a lot of extras left. Yay! Loot bag for Rain! Although I don't allow her to eat candies yet, I really appreciated this gesture. Plus, Rain can still play with the stuff anyway with my supervision of course. Nika said she will be back in a bit to give Rain snother surprise. (One of those "but wait there's more" moments)
So after our lunch, Nika came back to give Rain this Joey Bounceback Card which entitles Rain to a free kiddie meal on our next visit!
Thanks Nika! :-)
At this Point Rain was already getting antsy enclosed in the booth and already got bored with her crayons and even the iPad. So I took Rain to walk around. That's when I saw that there was actually a littke kid's corner (literally a corner but still!) by the entrance. They named it Joey's corner :-)
So while Richie was taking care of the bill, Rain kept herself busy with the toys there. When you're a mom of a bouncing toddler, kiddie corners immediately become a necesity in establishments.
There she goes! :-)
Look at this cute Elmo stool!
Ooops i think she wants to take it home hehe :-) that's not ours, Rain!
I hope more restaurants make even just a small corner where kids can play saftely. Especially in today's day and age wherein eating out is becoming a normal thing for families. Will definitely go back to Outback soon!!! (Preferably before June 14 because that's when Rain's Joey Card will expire hehehe)
The following Monday, Richie was pleasantly surprised to get an email from Nika thanking us for visiting outback. Its that kind of after-sales service that makes the customer feel appreciated and makes you want to go back.
Please do share if you know of any other establishments that have a kiddie corner! So I can take note of it next time we think of a place to eat with Rain :)

Just a thought: whatever happened to McDonalds / Jollibee's playgrounds? I vividly remember that hamburger spaceship thingy in Mcdo, and the bouncy chicken at Jollibee. I wonder why they took those out.


  1. I'm still tampo you didn't allow me to play in the Joey corner :(

  2. Wow, kudos to Outback Libis for having a kid-friendly manager - and for being a kid-friendly place. I agree with you, kiddie corners are really a welcome addition to any restaurant that families usually frequent. :) If they have enough space di ba why not? Keeps the kids in one place instead of all over the dining area. Hehe. :D

    1. Hi Tin! Du ba? :-) instead of us parents having to worry about our kids accidentally breaking something or bothering other customers hehehe :-) just a little space with lots of padding would be fine. Hahaha!:-)

  3. Went there last week and saw the little corner. :) Now that you've mentioned it, I rarely see Jollibee or McDonald branches with playgrounds. Some McDonald's branches have those Little Tykes playset na lang.

    1. I dont even see any little Tykes play sets :(

    2. I saw one in McDo SM Marikina last time. :) This is a non-resto, but all Wilcon stores have play corners too. :)

  4. I thought giving out crayons was the best as I blogged here But kid's corner, that's great!

    1. yep! Even if it were just a small space, it made a big difference :-)

  5. Cafe Mary Grace in Greenbelt 2 had a small play area on the second floor when I visited them in June 2012. There were toys and I think some books too. My 2 year old niece stayed there almost the whole time we were having lunch.

    1. Hmmm must check that out!!! :-) thank you for the info! I hope they still have it! :-)