Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rain's Awesome Easter Sunday: A DIY Easter!

       It was a hot Maundy Thursday when we traveled from Pasig to Antipolo at my in-laws' house. It was a quick drive mainly because half of the population of Metro Manila were out of town on vacation. Us on the other hand decided to have a stay-cation and spend a nice Holy week with our family.

       I was particularly excited for this year's Easter Sunday because compared to last year when Rain pretty much did nothing but eat and sleep, she is now much more aware of her surroundings and can kind of understand the things going on around her. 

       We arrived the house and was greeted by a busy household with everybody preparing for Easter Sunday. I was excited because I had told my mother in law that I wanted to help with the goodies for the kids. When I entered mom's room, I immediately knew this was going to be an Easter Sunday the kids would never forget!

       My mom in law has a real knack for DIYs. Even more so recently when she discovered the wonder that is Pinterest! I'm telling you, this formula below will make a simple party look extravagant, without having to spend an arm and a leg!

Divi + Pinterest = Bonggang party!

The Preparation

Last year the kids only used whatever plastic bag we could find to store the eggs they find. This year, mom bought plain white paper bags and then we used colored felt paper to design and personalize each bag for each child. check out Rain's bag! I made her a special Rainbow egg badge (of course hehe)

Easter Egg hunt bags

       This year, mom also decided to have a Treasure Hunt game wherein the kids will follow rhyming clues and search for 5 different treasures (treats) leading up to the ultimate treasure. These pretty-looking Easter baskets were made from chip card boards, and then we glued printed photo paper that was designed and printed with love by my awesome bro-in-law, Ryan from his trusty computer! We just wrapped wide ribbons on the handles.

DIY Easter Baskets

       Another nice touch to the treasures were some simple yet meaningful Easter Sunday messages. To remind the kids what Easter is really about.  Check out the Jelly Bean Story!

Wonderful Easter quotes and greetings

Easter Sunday Begins:

       Finally, Easter Sunday arrived! The kids all got ready and wore a special Bug & Kelly EXCLUSIVE Easter Sunday shirt!

Some Bunny Loves You! An Exclusive B&K Easter Shirt!

       The kids lined up at the backyard while me and my siblings in law took photos. Aren't they cute? :-)

Rain and her cousins all ready for the egg hunt!

The Egg hunt begins!
       After the egg hunt, we again gathered them all to start the Treasure Hunt! My sister in law Raqs was the perfect host as she gave them rhyming clues as to where they can find the hidden treasures!

Treasure hunt! Listen for the clues!
The Treasures:

       This cute bunny tube is made out of toilette paper card board core and dressed up with some fancy fabric and felt paper. Inside are yummy chocolate Kisses!

Treasure # 1: Bunny tubes with kisses inside

       This second treasure are cheap baby bottles from Divisoria filled with yummy jelly beans!

Treasure # 2: Jelly Beans
       Treasure number 3 is a printed paper and an acetate, both in the shape of an egg, and then "sewn" together with a fancy ribbon after placing the chocolates inside.

Treasure # 3: M&Ms in egg-shaped containers
       4th treasure is a bunny pouch made out of sewn colored felt paper, button, a rubber silver ribbon thingy for the lock, and some googly eyes. Inside are more yummy candies!

Treasure # 4: Rabbit pouches with candies inside
       The 5th treasure are Rabbit bait, otherwise known as carrots! They're simply made our of rolled acetate  to make it into a cone shape, wrapped with cellophane, then we added the cheese curls then tied them with green ribbons that I cut using some pinking shears to make it look like leaves. 

Treasure # 5: Some cheesy Rabbit bait! :-)
       And finally, the ultimate treasure was hidden in mom's closet. I wish I videoed this moment to capture the "WOOOOOW"s of the kids when they saw their own treasures with their names on it!

Happy Bita upon seeing the smiles on her grandchildren's faces!

Rain's treasure! Happy Mommy and Daddy when we saw the diapers and a box of milk hehe
       All mom's hard planning and hard work really paid off! And I really had fun being a happy helper! It's really fulfilling when everyone in the family joins together and lends a helping hand!

Thank you Bita for the best Easter ever!
Bito and Ate Cara, wish you were here! :-)

PS: I'll post more photos soon at my FaceBook Page


  1. Wow! Your mom-in-law's sooo creative! :) I think you'll make a good, no, excellent events planning team. ;)

  2. ang kyukyutttttt ng mga goodies.. sana ganyan din ako ka-creative. :) i'm sure nag enjoy ang mga kids especially Rain. :D

    1. Galing ano?:-) oo actually she would be a perfect children's events director / consultant hehehe :-) so proud! Rain really enjoyed! She's lucky to have her Bita!:-)

  3. You are luckiest to have a MIL like her!!! Does she have a son pa ba? Oh wait, I'm married na pala. Hahaha! :D And yes, una kong napansin was the diapers. ;)

    1. Hahahaha! Super lucky! And yes Richie has a brother hehe. And yes you're married na pala hihihihi! :-) Funny ka! :-))) alam na nating mga moms ang orange package all too well! Pampers! woot woot! :-) Thanks for your comment Bebengisms! :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed it. How does one subscribe, I am not too savvy with these things yet. I love the blog, had no idea it had began since January. Thanks again. Tita P

    1. Hi Tita!!! Thank you so much for your comment po! :-) If you scroll up on the top part of this page tita you will see a "Subscribe via email" part. Then just enter your email address there po and then click submit :-) So every time po i have a new post you will see it on your email :-)

      Thanks so much tita! I really appreciate it! HUGS!!! :-)

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