Thursday, April 11, 2013

Short Stories: Reading Story Books

I think I could only count the succesful reading attempts I made to read Rain a bed time story. Why? Because usually by the time I move on to the next page, Rain would have already snagged the book away from me and start flipping the pages herself, not allowing me to read it to her. It was easier to read her a book back then when she was stlll an infant and still hadn't mastered the art of snagging.

But now I have a tactic. I can't believe I never thought of this before. (I can be such a bone head) My tactic is I would read to her only when she's on the bed drinking her milk. So that both her hands would be busy holding her bottle. Bwahahahaha! Now I even have time to repeat the story 3 times!

Mommy = 1

Rain = 0

~The End~

Here are some princess books I bought from Expo Mom last April 7. More of that on another post :)


Only P89.75 for one box. One box has 2 mini books.

Each princess tales are simplified which I think is perfect for Rain's age since her attention span is still very short.

Here's Rain "reading" these cute little cardboard books.



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