Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Family Weekend at Taal Vista

"Yes Daddy it's got a spectacular view of the Taal Volcano! It's really an experience!" I told my dad as I was pitching to him the idea of having a relaxing overnight stay at Taal Vista in Tagaytay with my sister, Richie, Rain, and I. I didn't really need to pitch in further because he was already sold... provided that we let him drive hahaha! (Honestly I think at first he was a lot more excited about the road trip because it would be his first time to take his car on a long drive.) Anyway I was able to book our stay and before we knew it we were off to the second to the highest city in the Philippines (to my knowledge, that is. First would be Baguio City.... Right?)
In my opinion, a trip to Tagaytay wouldn't be complete without stopping over to Nuvali at Sta. Rosa to feed the Koi fishes. It's always a treat to watch them go on a feeding frenzy. It's like watching a lot of rockstar koi fishes do a stage dive when they pile over each other just to get the food. Of course no matter how I kept pointing to the fishies to show Rain, she didn't quite get it yet. She didn't look as interested. Hehehe. My dad loves nature and animals and is fascinated by fishes so he always enjoys coming to Nuvali.
So finally we reach our destination. Taal Vista! As we promised my dad, we had a spectacular view! (PS: reusing photos of the hotel that I took from our previous Taal Vista post at The Pickiest Eater. Anyway we had the same type of room)
Premier Room
Premier Room seating area
Balcony with a spectacular view!
Sister couldn't resist taking photos ASAP!:-)
We stayed in the room for a bit to rest from the long drive. But not long after, our stomachs started rumbling. So we went out to look for a place to have an early dinner. And boy am I glad that we were finally able to try Eli's!!! Until this day I dream of the feast we had for such a low price! More on that on an upcoming post from The Pickiest Eater ;-)
Happy Rain finally spending time with her dad after a super busy week at work
We were sooo full that after dining pigging out at Eli's, and going to the grocery, we just pretty much enjoyed the room, watched TV, while Rain tired herself out by walking walking walking around the room. By 9-ish we were all pretty much snoozing.
Then came the morning sun. At 8am we all sped down to the Cafe by the Ridge to raid the bacon at their breakfast buffet :-)
See? All plates have bacon hehehe
Then we took a walk by the ridge, took photos, enjoyed the scenery :-)

It was also here that Rain first played with bubbles! My dad bought her bubbles from the little souvenir booths by the ridge. It was a delight watching her get giddy with the bubbles hehehe. These are the moments!
And because I wanted to make the most out of our stay there, while my Dad and Richie went back to the room to nap, I took Rain swimming:-) Her favorite thing! My sister came with us to take photos.
And just like that, it was time to say goodbye. As always we had a great time with our stay in Taal Vista! Such a refreshing experience from the hotels in Manila wherein all your views are buildings. Taal Vista takes you back to the wonders of nature!
Last few photos with Taal before leaving. And a chance for me to play with my HD app hehe
Sayang Rain was asleep na for this family photo hehe


  1. Ang cute ni baby Rain! She looks big na while enjoying the bubbles then she looks like a baby ulit while swimming :)

    1. Hahaha! Noooo! Ayaw! Gusto ko baby lang! hehehe :-) She will always be my baybeeeeeh :-)

  2. i love tagaytay.. the cool weather and the great scenery.. and baby rain is cute :)sayang she's not looking in the camera while shots were taken.

  3. Hello. Thanks for the impressions. Itself I adore to travel!
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    The legend says that the name of the city comes from the expression "tag yatai", which means "run, father!". Once upon a time, father and son hunted in these places on a wild boar. At some point, the ferocious animal suddenly stopped running and rushed to attack the adult man. And then the son shouted: "Tag, itai!". This cry, amplified by an echo, reached the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. So, after a lapse of time, the place from which desperate screams came was called Tagaytay.
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