Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rain's Check-Up

Before going to the hospital. My little Rainbow already flashing a smile :-)

So we finally went to Rain's pedia this morning. We got there early, and her doctor arrived late so there was a looooot of down time. Then the little Rainbow over here who was supposed to be sick, started running around. Ayaw paawat (wouldn't let me stop her)! Seemed like her fever was gone. Her temperature was normal. This always happens. During the rare times she gets sick and we finally get at the doctor's office, the fever goes away.

A cool thing happened though while waiting for the doctor. (Cool for me anyway). I met another mom who brought her gwapito 13 month old baby boy for his check up with the same doctor. Of course Rain and Ivan started socializing when the mom tells me...


"You're the wife of Richie right?"

Me: Yes :) you know him?"

"No but I read his blog :-)" ---- ah, of course! My famous husband!

Me: Ah really? Wow thank you!!! He will be thrilled when I tell him!

"I recently started reading your blog too!"

Awwww! This is not a normal thing for me and this blog that's why I find it so cool! But of course I'm always known as "The wife of the Pickiest Eater" hehehe. So proud of my husband and his blog! But I secretly hope someday I'll also be known as Rina's Rainbow. Hehehe. Long shot but hey anything is possible!;) It was so nice meeting you Mommy Irene and little Nathan!:-)

Baby Rain and Baby Nathan goofing around the camera :-)

Anyway, back to the check up. Rain's pedia arrived, checked other patients who were first on the list, and then finally got to Rain. Thankfully she declared she's fine. The fever could just be either viral or because of her growing fangs. Thank God!!! But doc said if the fever comes and goes until Saturday we'll need to have her blood tested. (Knock on wood!!!)

The doctor gave Rain a new record book since her first one was already full. Yay!:-) Toddlerland notebook! Doc gave me a tip of scanning the back part of Rain's first record book where all her shots and dates were recorded because she had a lot of old clients (and by old, I mean college studens already) who come to her and try to get a record of their shots for whatever purpose it might be because they had already lost their baby record book. It's a pain to trace it back.

Anyway, by scanning this part, you have a soft back up!:-) Maybe I'll upload Rain's in facebook, twitter, and instagram. Lahat na. So I have a back up of my back up of my back up. Hehe. I kid. But scanning or taking a photo of it is a good idea.

We already left when I remembered that I should have asked how much a blood test would cost so we can ppare just in case. S I went ahead and texted the doctor's secretary...

Me: Would you know how much the blood test would cost in case Rain needs one?

Secretary: More or less around 7 po.

Me: (((panicked... Beads of sweat...))) 7 thousand? Or 7 hundred?

*heart beating while waiting for response*....

Secretary: hundred po.

Naman!!! What a relief! I was already thinking of a game plan. Like maybe sell a kidney or something hehe. Anyway please pray Rain stays fever free! For all the mommies out there, don't forget to give your little kiddos their daily vitamins!

Oh and I stopped by Pure Gold on the way home for a quick grocery and was able to witness their Gentlemen half-time dance number. They need more energy. Hehehe.



  1. I hope baby Rain's feeling okay na, and the fever won't come back. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be known as Rina's Rainbow soon, although being the "wife of The Pickiest Eater" sounds cool ah! :D

    1. Yep! I'm Mrs.pickiest Eater hahaha! Thanks so much Sumi! She's feeling better na!:-)

  2. I have no doubt, pretty soon i'll be known as "Mr. Rina's Rainbow"! I love you!

  3. Hi Rina, I'm the mom you met earlier in the pedia. I am so 'kilig' to see my son's pic with Rain in your blog. Thank you for posting. :)
    I hope we see you both again in future check ups.
    (By the way, my son's name is Nathan. :)

    To Richie, yes, I do read your blog regularly. In fact, its already in my Favorites :). I have convinced my husband to try restos because of your reviews. Keep on writing! You too, Rina!

    - Mommy Irheen Castillon-Matias

    1. Hi Irene! Oh my Golly so funny!!! I was watching a movie at the same time i was doing this entry and one of the characters name was Ivan hahaha! Kaloka! I'm so sorry! :-))))

      Yes i agree i hope to bump into you again on future check ups so we can make chika more hehehe:-) thanks again Mommy Irene!!!:-)


    2. Wonderful to hear that, Irheen! I hope to meet you and Nathan during a check up as well! :)

  4. Glad Rain's finally smiling. :) And Baby Rain's got a boyfriend pala yesterday. Beware, Richie, beware... :P

    1. No, friends lang.. Rina said Good boy naman si Nathan :)

  5. Thats great that Rain is fine!!! yup...records ng baby talaga eh kelangan e-keep....fro school requirement mostly

  6. Wish a speedy recover for the cutie baby :)

  7. Its good to know that everything is fine for the little angel :D ... I am not really into reading uhm.. these kinds of posts but I see why sir richie is really lucky ... to be your husband.. :D :D :D anyway God Bless and Hopefully the little kiddo doesn't develop anymore of those fevers :D ...

    btw.. just a tip, when your using the laptop or ipad, I would suggest that you rest your eyes and close them for a few minutes to prevent those headaches every so ofthen. Also, a visit to the eye doctor could help too.


  8. Cutie, Rain. Oohhh!! I lost also my baby's records because of house transfer, guess it's a good idea really to have back-ups need to ask their pedia.

  9. I wish rain a speed recovery! rain is so cute!

  10. Your daughter is so cute! Wish her well. :-)

  11. I wish Rain a good recovery! :)

  12. Happy birthday Rina! Wishing you all the best in your beautiful life as a mother to a cute little girl and as a loving wife to your husband. God bless:)

  13. Glad your baby is okay, she is reso pretty like her mom. :)


  14. Happy Birthday Rina! Wishing you all good health!

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