Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sky Ranch in Tagaytay!

Tallest Ferris Wheel int the Philippines

Food trip and theme parks.
These are the two must-have-in-my-itenerary items that should always consider whenever Richie and I plan a trip out of town. That's why during our honeymoon in Hong Kong, we went to Disneyland and Ocean Park. And then in Singapore, Universal Studios. In both trips, I got teary-eyed upon seeing Disneyland's iconic Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and the huge globe by the entrance of Universal Studios. (Yes I'm a cry baby and yes I have a child in me who's a sucker for theme parks)
That's why during our little overnight trip to Tagaytay, we made sure to take Rain to the new Sky Ranch before heading back to Manila (yeah it's really for me bwahaha. Rain daw o...). It's a small simple theme park which is partly still under construction. But the beauty of this is of course it's located in the high lands of Tagaytay and it's overlooking the famous Taal Volcano. It's located right beside Taal Vista.
This was the entrance to the park. As you can see it's quite a simple entrance. Not so grand. This was the line at 3-ish PM as we were leaving. But we really got here at lunch time. I think it opens at 12 noon.

The entrance

There is an entrance fee of P100 per head. Rain is of course still free. You can also rent gazeebos if you plan to stay the whole day. The Riding Loop Ride is the horseback riding.
Entrance fee and other rates

Here are the prices of the rides. Yes, you need to pay per ride which I think sucks. Would be better to have just one entrance fee inclusive of all the rides already. Because when we were there, there was only one ticket booth inside where you can buy all the tickets of the rides. So naturally the line was long. It would have been better if each ride had their own cashier by the line entrance. I hope they will have a better system soon. It felt like a soft-opening.
Ride prices

Upon entering, the first thing you will see is the Riding Loop Ride (P250). We weren't planning on going horseback riding so I didn't get to ask how long the ride actually was. Get ready to smell some horsey poop hehe :-)
Riding Loop Ride

Aside from tomatoes, another greatest enemy of Richie would be heights. To be more specific, heights that don't have some type of body of water beneath to catch him. For example, he doesn't mind parasailing because in case he does fall, the ocean is right there to catch him. But he did freakout with the Sky Walk in Cebu. Hehehe. So this was Richie's reaction as soon as he saw the Sky Eye. Hehe. We were excited to get in line for it, but first we needed to buy tickets.
Richie upon seeing the tallest Ferris Wheel in the country

Another bummer was that the actual ticket rides were made of paper. Exactly like those receipts with carbon print that eventually fades in a few days. It's so easy to lose or for the wind to blow away. Anyway while in line at the ticket booth, my Dad said he also wanted to ride the Super Viking. Hehehe. Looks like I now know kung san ako nag-mana hehehe)
My only photo of the ticket ride booth. It's right there at the lower left corner

So here we are finally in line for Sky Eye. The operator said the capsule can only fit up to 4 adults max. But since we're with a toddler, it might be too cramped. So Richie graciously gave up his seat. Awwww! ;-) The capsules were a bit cramped on the leg room. But it was okay. I was also amused to find out that it was airconditioned.
In line for Sky Eye

Me and the little Rainbow and the Taal Volcano in the background
The inside of the wheel

When we were almost at the bottom, my dad jokingly rocked the capsule to freak my sister out hehehe. She just recently discovered that she has a slight fear of heights.
My dad and my sister

And while we were enjoying the Sky Eye, Richie found a way to kill time (and make a living at the same time) by taking the mime's little stage and do his own mime act (or was it the robot dance?) Hehehehe.
Richie doing the robot dance

Next up, Super Viking! I must admit it was the most lively ride in Sky Fun. All the happy screaming came from there. Richie and I refused to go because the last time we rode one of these things we felt like barfing right after.
My sister Chaikka screaming. My dad laughing at her. Hehehe :-)
Super Viking (P100)

Needless to say, my dad and sister had a blast! Oh, and if you want to try to ride the super viking but you're a bit scared, then the mini viking is for you! ;-)
Toink! Mini Viking (P50)

After the Super Viking, we were supposed to take Rain to play on this jumpy playground thingy. P50 for 15 minutes. But when we got there, the guy manning it said the playground was still a bit wet from the drizzle earlier so it's temporarily closed until it dries. And I took a peak inside it and found it a bit too cramped. So we decided to just leave. That's P50 down the drain. Take note that this was on the other end of the park, way far from the ticket booth. Had I seen that the play place was temporarily closed and not worth it, we wouldn't have bought a ticket for it.

Umm.. Are those pregnant mice?

Before leaving, we had master siomai and buko shake from the food stalls. There were only 4 for now. Hotdog on a stick stand, potato corner, master siomai, and the buko shake stand. But I believe they're opening a huge area of restaurants soon.
Here are the other rides / activities in Sky Ranch's Sky Fun :

Nessi Coaster (P50)
Express Train (P50)

Wonder Flight (P50)

Red Baron (P50)
Forgot the name of this boat thing but i believe it was also P50

Also forgot the name. I also think it was P50
Souvenier shop. I think the girl posed like that on purpose coz I was taking a picture haha

I hope they can add more attractions soon but before that hopefully they can improve their system. No matter, it's still a fun place to spend time with the family and it's a cool addition to Tagaytay's tourism. Although I hope they don't make too many commercial changes or cut many trees. The reason for going to Tagaytay is to get away from the city life and enjoy the cool weather and nature. I hope in someway, somehow, it would still have that feel and image despite the changes. Would that be possible? What do you think?


  1. We also went there last weekend, my daughter reallh enjoyed the ferris wheel..aa for my husband he want to ride the mini viking!lol,he was scared to try the super viking so mini na lang,haha,magastos lang kasi bawat ride bayad,rina pwede bang makahingi ng breakdown of expenses nyo sa taal vista?thanks!

    1. hahaha! Talagang he rode the mini viking? picture!!! hahaha! oo sana lang talaga one fee tapos ride all you can na :( tapos another fee for just kiddie rides para di naman lugi ang mga bagets na takot mag sacry rides hehe.

      as for taal vista rates, you can check here based on your check in / check out dates: http://reservations.directwithhotels.com/reservation/selectDates/584

      accommodation comes with breakfast buffet for 2, and then if you need more than 2, the breakfast buffet rate is P800++ per head :-)

  2. love the scenery!! love to go their with my kids!!

    1. Try it! :-) Go there a bit before lunch para sure na una sa pila haha! :-)

  3. I never thought masaya pala dyan, lagi kasi siyang dedma sa'min pag nasa Tagaytay kami. I'll suggest this place to the fam next time.

    1. Yep it's fun din :-) I suggest plot out na your "ride plan" para isang pilahan nalang sa ride ticket booth hehehe :-) Enjoy!!! :-)

  4. Good alternative to EK ha. :) It's been a while since I've been to an amusement park, like 3 years ago? hahaha! I want to ride the Super Viking!

    1. You should go! Bring out the kid in you ulit hehe :-)

  5. We went there during their soft opening --- that was March pa during my birthday. Sad to know they haven't changed their ticketing system yet. :( I actually raised that concern on their Facebook page, and many who do voice out their suggestions also take note of that. Sadly, hindi pa din pala nila binago. It's so inconvenient e (not to mention expensive). Much easier talaga if they have a small ticket booth na lang per ride, para dun ka lang pipila talga sa ride na you want. Or better yet, have a ride-all-you-can ticket! :)

    I sure hope they make improvements soon. The idea of a Tagaytay theme park is so nice pa naman because of the weather and the view there. :)

    Good for you you don't have 'fear of rides' --- I do! :D Lugi ako sa theme parks! Hehe.

    1. Wow so since then pala they didn't change it yet! Well sana they do change it soon para more convenient for the customers :-)

      Nako I have a fear of scary rides no! Like super scary roller coasters. Yung Space Shuttle sa EK I need to internalize muna for a few hours before riding it hahaha! :-)

  6. Cute yung ride na may boat sa tubig. I bet my daughter will love and enjoy to ride in there. Thanks for sharing Mommy RIna

    1. yup cute nga haha! :-) Plan a trip there soon! :-)

  7. wow, this is a nice place. when i first heard about it, i thought they only had 1 attraction (ferris wheel) hehe

  8. Planning a trip there soon! Thanks for the info :)

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  11. One thing I learned upon reading your article, make sure to check all the rides in the park before buying the tickets. At least we won't be wasting money if the rides are temporarily closed. One thing for sure, I won't ride the Sky Eye Ferris wheel. It is scarier than the Super Viking.

    1. Good point :) We went back not too long ago and there's been a lot of changes already. Like a shopping area, bouncy playgrounds area, and more rides. But the rides seem to look badly maintained. Even the rides that are new to me. Since there's a fee per ride (meaning not unlimited), you'd think they would have a budget to maintain the rides well. Nonetheless it's still a fun experience :)