Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Toddler Ate A Crayon

 So guess what Rain decided to do earlier this evening? She ate a small piece of blue crayon. #Stress!

          It was around 7pm and we just finished having dinner. I resumed with my work by the dining table, writing writing writing... while Rain was on the living room floor on the mat, laying down, watching Special Agent Oso. She was being well-behaved. I should have known. Usually when she's quiet it means either she's doing the deed or she's up to something. But I didn't notice. I was too busy with work as well.

         After a few minutes, she started coughing. I quickly ran to her and pulled her up in a sitting position so she can cough easily. Imagine my surprise when I saw her cough up chunks of something blue...


          Panic immediately came over me and I started patting her strongly on the back so she would spit out some more, and slightly pressing her stomach so she would throw up a bit. I checked her mouth by forcing it open, and using my pinky finger, I scooped up whatever else was in her mouth. There were still chunks of blue crayon! I've never been so scared in my life!

         After making sure she had no more crayon in her mouth, I brushed her teeth just to make sure there weren't any left that might have stuck in her teeth. Rain only cried when I was forcing her mouth open and and sticking my finger in her mouth. But for the rest of the time she was her usual self. Babbling loudly using words only she could understand. So I was confident she was fine. But I still had to check...

        I googled "What to do when a toddler eats a crayon" and all of the results said that since a crayon is primarily made of wax, a small amount would not harm a toddler. Not even an infant:

- "In general, wax is not poisonous. If a child eats a small amount of crayon, the wax will pass through the child's system without causing a problem. However, eating large amounts of wax or crayons can lead to intestinal obstruction." from N.Y. Times Health Guide

-" the primary constituent of most crayons is wax, and they are mostly harmless, even to infants." from Yahoo Answers

These ones are funny. From Baby Gaga Parenting Forum :
- "I'm sure that my daughter who is almost 3 has eaten at least a box of crayons since she started colouring!! He'll be just fine they are non-toxic, you will have some fun coloured poos though!!"

-  "He will be fine. be ready for some colorful poop! my brother ate a whole box when he was a kid. he ate them slowly and we could NEVER find where he hid them lol. so he had a rainbow of poopoo diapers til we finally found the stupid box"

             Okay so maybe I overreacted a little bit. But can you blame a first-time mom? Thank God the brand of the crayon was Crayola so I was sure it was non-toxic. And I'm also 100% sure she only ate a small amount.

I guess I'll be expecting a blue poopy soon.


  1. I hope she didn't eat a lot. My toddler did the same with a red crayon. Luckily, she did not like the taste so she spit it out. I know how you felt being a first time mom myself. Sometimes things can get scary.

    1. Hi Monika! I'm fairly confident that she coughed/spit out most of it. And I know that piece of blue crayon was small lang coz the bigger half was in a bucket with all of the other crayons. Hay kakaloka!:/

  2. If I were in your position, I'll panic too. hehe

  3. I am a Nurse but when it comes to my kids, I always panicked too. But Crayons is non-toxic so she should be fine. Crayons was made for children so they already assumed that they will put it in their mouth but yes I know how it feels. When it comes to our child, we just never can keep calm.

    Much love,
    Rochelle Rivera

    1. Hi Rochelle! Thanks for making me feel extra better! :-)

      You know I also always used to tell myself that about all baby/toddler products. That they'd never use anything that would be harmful to a kid. But iba talaga when you experience it na. Nakaka-panic talaga hahaha! :-)

      Thanks again! :-)

  4. I feel you Rina! :) I remember there was a time (non-crayon related story ito) when my daughter was about a few days old, her usual routine was sleep for a few hours, then drink milk, then sleep again, ordinary newborn routine. One time, she slept through the afternoon - ayyyy, naloka ako! Nagpanic! Sabi ko talaga, bakit hindi pa sya gumigising? Bakit tulog na tulog sya? Hehe. That and a lot more (one also crayon-related). :D

    So don't worry, you are not alooone, in our panikera world of first time moms. :D

    1. Hi Tin! Hahaha oo nga nakaka praning nga if babies sleep super long! During the first few weeks whenever Rain sleeps long, i would check her stomach if it's rising and lowering (which would mean she's breathing) hahaha! My pedia told me before na we need to wake her up pag milk time. But my relative doesnt agree (and i agree with her) kasi the more sleep they have, the faster they grow. And human nature... If a person is hungry, he/she will wake up no matter what. Rain turned out okay naman hehehe

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  6. Just now I experienced the same and I Panic good thing my princess ate small pc of amount and not poisonous... Hay KALOKA

    1. It can really be alarming especially for a first time mom! Thank God for non-toxic crayons! By the way, what color did she eat? Hahaha! :-)


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