Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nicer Home Photos of Rain

           Felt like I haven't posted here in a while (except my birthday giveaways). How have you all been doing? :-)

           For me it's been a roller coaster ride. Lots of ups and downs. Downs pertaining to house maintenance. It's a great thing to have your own house but my goodness maintaining it is really... well... expensive hehe. Oh well, still... thank you Lord that we have our own house :-)

           Anyway, changing the topic, over the past few days I realized that I should be taking nicer home photos of Rain. And by nicer I mean I should use my DSLR more. Since it's easier to whip out the iPad / phone when Rain does something amusing, that's what I've been using. But now I will make sure to have the DSLR ready anytime! Sure it's more tedious because I have to upload the files on the computer before I can upload it on any social platform but I think it's worth the extra effort. Because before I know it, she's a teenager already with lots of #selfie photos on her social networks. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!

           Here are some portrait photos I took over the weekend. More to come soon!


  1. cute tlga ni babay rain!!! kakagigil!! :) yes habang bata pa take a lot of portrait photos na.. but i'm pretty sure rain will have a lot of photos din next time.. baka sa magazines pa :)

    1. Awww thanks Berylle! :-) Every teenager's dream! to be a commercial model someday. or was that just me? hahaha!

    2. it's just you. hehe... ;-)

  2. Pretty pretty Rain!!! Mana sayo, Rina. :)

  3. A for Adorable, B for beautiful! Yes, the dSLR has taken a back seat after having iphone and ipad heehee... :)
    By the way, missed a U here from your third paragraph :) > "to whip ot the iPad..."