Friday, June 28, 2013

Reading Milestone!

"...Read... read... read...."

          ... was all I could read about tips on how to develop your child's brain. This stressed me a lot because whenever I attempted to read my little Rainbow a story, within 10 seconds she would snatch the book away from my hand and would just start flipping the pages herself. She gets bored even with my oh-so-dramatic reading voice (So dramatic I could apply as a voice talent in one of those radio drama series.)

         But as everything has it's own time, Rain just recently (in fact, it was earlier this evening after that intense MOMxercise!)   started to really pay attention when I read to her. I felt like it was such a milestone!

Take note, my "Baa! Baa!" was very convincing!

              I read her Baby at the Farm by Karen Katz which was a gift to her by her Ninang Lia. It's a 5-page touch-and-feel book about a baby that visits the farm (duh). She was so in the mood for a story that she made me read it to her twice! TWICE! I was so surprised! I was kinda waiting for her to grab the book from me but she sat still on my lap, intently listening and looking at the photos. Looks like she's already appreciating the art of dramatic reading hehehe.

I was so amazed that she was into it that I asked our helper to take our photo the second time.
               So after giving her a sponge bath, she played for a bit in the room then I tried to read her another book. This time by it's Bertie at Bedtime by Marcus Pfister. This one's longer. 12 pages.

I noticed how the author loves floral prints. It's in each and every page of this book
              This time, Rain wanted me to read the book 2 and a half times!  I guess she loved the vibrant illustrations. Considering that this book was way longer than the first one, reading it to her twice without her getting bored was a big deal! I mentioned "2 and a half" earlier  because during the 3rd time, she got back into her lemme-flip-the-pages mode and insisted on examining the book herself.

So she kept flipping the pages....

... and flipping...

...and flipping...
              I think she must have flipped for 10 to 15 minutes. She did it long enough for me to take different shot angles of her in action. 

              I'm so proud of you my little Rainbow! Tomorrow we'll read a different book! :-)

                     Oh and by the way, THIS is why toddlers and pop-up books don't mix! :-S

Final thought of the day: This got me thinking if a Children's book author needs to have a certain degree to write books for children? The stories are so simple. I wonder if I could attempt to write one? Hmmm...

Actually, the real final thought of the night was: I'm hungry. Darn you After-6!



  1. same with my 16 month old son, all he wants to do is flip the pages and react to the drawings, pag inatake pa ng kasutilan, tinatapakan pa ung book (ouch!). congrats kay rain, hopefully maka-appreciate na din si baby ng books :)

    1. Oh no hahaha may stomping drama pa hehehe:) so i guess it's normal for toddlers to have super short attention span when it comes to reading. Salamat naman hindi ako nagiisa hahaha! Yep i believe in his own time he will eventually get into a reading phase :) siguro lets just keep practicing :) dapat din consistent. may schedule for reading so he gets used to it and he anticipates it na :-) day one palang kami kanina. Wish me luck!:-) good luck din! Lez do diz!

  2. You know what? That was my "sudden" dream and eventually went to my bucket list --- write a children's story book! :) Cheers, Rina! Tara, let's collaborate. Hehe.

    1. Sounds like fun di ba? :-) game!!! Isip muna ng peg hahaha!:-)))

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