Thursday, June 6, 2013

Slappy Cakes All Day Breakfast!

            One of the joys of having household help / yaya is that I can bring my husband Richie to work, and we can bring the little Rainbow along with us. We now have someone to stay with Rain at the back seat while I drive. Richie loves it because it's his chance to show off our pretty little girl hehehe.

The little Rainbow doing her rounds at her Daddy's office

           So I dressed her up in one of her dresses that she's about to outgrow soon. Better wear it as much as she can before it goes at the back of the closet! This was actually her dress during her first birthday. I got it from Carters in New Jersey when we visited my aunt during our lucky Oreo trip.

         So after saying a quick "hi" and "bye" to everyone, and a quick "see you later" kiss to her daddy, we were off for a little Rainbow Day at Eastwood for some Slappy Cakes! An All Day Breakfast place! Yahoooo!

           Slappy Cakes is located at G/F Eastwood Mall Open Park. You won't miss the orange sign. It's a restaurant where you cook your own pancakes so I was particularly excited for that. Plus, my little Rainbow loves pancakes! So it was just perfect! (Thank you Spanky for the lovely GC!)

           The inside is quite spacious. A lot of orange! There's enough space to bring a baby stroller.

        Here's our little big booth. It's wide and spic and span. It already has utensils you'll need to flip your pancakes and stuff.

Our pancake ingredients!

        Step 1 would be to choose your batter. I decided to stick with the classic Buttermilk first before trying any other flavor. The batter is served in a squeeze bottle making it easier for customers to make fun pancake shapes! It may loook small, but it actually makes a lot of cakes to fill your tummy!

        Step 2 would be to pick your fixins. They have fruits like apples, mangoes, banana, raisins, blueberry, and coconut. And of course they also have chocolate chip and Nutella. The Nutella was a no-brainer for me. But since I was with Rain, I ordered some bananas as well. The Nutella's for meeee! ;-)

       They also have some savory fixins like bacon, smoked ham, cheddar cheese, chorizo, salted duck egg, assorted mushrooms, spring onions, white cheese, cashew nuts, and peanuts. I didn't order any savory toppings because personally I feel pancakes are more of a dessert food hehehe. It's like Rachel Green's beef custard trifle pie in Friends. Savory stuff should be eaten with rice (That's just me I'm weird like that).

       Step 3 (Starting to feel like Agent Oso again. If you're not a Disney Mom you'll have no idea what I'm talking about hehe) Aaaaanyway, Step 3 is to add some toppings! This also refers to the syrup. They have honey, creamy peanut butter, lemon curd, apple sauce, chocolate sauce, spring onion sour cream, whipped cream, and of course, maple syrup. Again I decided to try the basic maple syrup for now.

      And then Step 4, as seen on their actual menu, was the best step of all: LOVE YOUR MOM. & HAVE FUN!

Then it was "cooking" time!!!

I made Rain a Mickey pancake!
Proud of my perfect shaped Mickey Pancake!

I also made a letter R for Richie / Rina / Rain, and a flower which turned out to be more of an ugly splat. I loved the taste. It's fluffy and very flavorful. I love the fact that you can customize your pancakes as you please. I honestly have nothing bad to say about it as I am easy to please hehe.

Rain really likes it!
chewing more pancakes
My Banana and Nutella Pancake

           I decided to try at least one of their Filipino rice meals categorized as "Slappy Happy-Noy". One waiter told me they have the best tocino. But another waiter told me he personally prefers the Tapa more. So with my love for salty food, I went with the Topsy Tapa (P295). Let's just say I wasn't disappointed! I love the balance of the saltiness and a hint of sweetness of the tapa. The serving is actually good for 2 females (but good for one if you're starving). I split this with my helper and it was more than enough (since we had a lot of pancakes already.)

          The place was nice and clean, the staff were very accommodating, and the food we ordered were excellent. The best thing about it though was the experience of cooking your own pancakes on your table. It's a perfect bonding activity for the family!

Slappy Cakes Menu

PS: Follow Slappy Cakes on Facebook and be updated with their promotions for Father's Day!


  1. He he he! I've been meaning to try Slappy Cakes with my boys. Now this would just me more reason to!!

    BTW, I love the referral to Agent Oso... Ha ha ha! 3 specials steps!!

    1. Hahaha ganun talaga pag naka tutok sa Disney Channel hahaha! Yep you should take the kids! They'll enjoy making pancakes for sure!:-)

  2. I want to try Slappy Cakes with my baby siblings soon! :)

  3. I work in the same building but haven't had the chance to try it yet. Madami na ba talaga yung isang order of pancake pag 1 person lang? :)

    1. Yes its good for two to three :) pero if you have a big appetite siguro for two sakto lang :)

  4. Will HAVE TO bring Juro here he LOVES pancakes!

    1. Yes!!! Bring!!! he will love it for sure! :-) I'm sure he will make some pretty cool looking pancakes too! :-)