Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Belly Blessed Fest 2013: A Festival for Expectant Moms!

            Ever since I gave birth, I have been following Mommy Mundo Events knowing that they showcase the newest mommy and baby essentials from entrepreneurs left and right. I first found out about Mommy Mundo because my sister-in-law and her husband who owns Bug & Kelly would often join their bazaars. So ever since then, I was hooked. Attending a Mommy Mundo bazaar is like a kid at a candy shop, except the candies are not for you. It's for that little one who calls you Mommy :-) Which is 10 times more exciting and fulfilling than buying for yourself, am I right? :-)

With Glaiza of Moomy Musings! :-)

            The year started with Kid Expo, and then Mom Expo, and then just over the weekend, Belly Blessed together with Mommy Mundo, held the Belly Blessed Fest 2013: A festival for expectant moms!  Without blinking an eye I immediately shared this event to pregnant friends on all my social media networks. It knew it was something they'd want to attend.

They occupied 2 floors. Cool!
           Thank God my Baby is now a Toddler so I didn't really need to buy ALL the cutsey baby stuff there! Otherwise I couldn't have resisted getting the following:

All colors of this Tutu Cloth Diaper from Cluebebe Philippines

All colors of Teething Beads necklaces and bracelets
Cute onesies and bibs from Baby Zone
           Belly Blessed Fest didn't only showcase baby/infant stuff. They've got things for big little girls and boys too! If I could, I would have bought... :

All prints of these lovely dresses from Mom Baby Fabric
All the adorable washi tapes from Paper Chic Studio
All flavors of these yummy, light, and healthy cookies from Crumbs and Grubs that
help in lactation and also healthy for kids! Baked by the awesome mommy blogger  Happy Mommy Adventures!
All sizes of Bobble Water Bottle 
And all designs of this cool erasable coloring markers and mats!

Belly Dancing in Pregnancy

             Belly Blessed Fest also had helpful talks and demos such as Ms. Jill Ngo's Goddesses of Belly Dance. I really wish I did this when I was pregnant. It looked so fun I had to fight the urge to shake my belly while they were doing it. But it's okay I had fun taking videos and photos!

            Jill handed out belly dancing hip scarves to the pregnant viewers. I thought this was a cute and engaging idea! And together with her 2 back-up dancers, they taught them some gentle belly moves that can help have an easier labor.  See the Instagram video I took below!

Had I known these were the effects of bellydancing, maybe I would have delivered my little Rainbow naturally. Anyway there's always next time ;-)
          They had other talks but unfortunately I didn't get to watch. But other than that I was so thankful to have attended this fest! Looking forward to the next ones! :-)

Got to meet Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo! :-)



  1. nice meeting you mommy Rina!!!

    1. my gosh I feel so embarassed replying only after almost 1 year hahaha! Sorry I missed your comment! So happy to have met you too! Hope to see you at this year's Belly Blessed? :-)

  2. thank you Mommy Rina for posting MomBabyFabric's Little Print Dresses! Hope to see you in other mommy events=)

    1. Hi Mommy Ven! So sorry as well for only replying now! For some reason I missed seeing the comments in this post :(((( Will I see you at this year's Belly Blessed? :-)

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