Friday, July 26, 2013

A Real Head-Scratcher

                Almost two. I know I keep saying this but time flies by so fast! In 3 months, my little Rainbow will be celebrating her 2nd birthday. She's already in that phase where she wants to just run around in circles or play outside with the neighbor's kids. She no longer smells like milk. She smels like sweat. Where oh where did my little helpless infant go?!?

                Okay so a few weeks ago I noticed Rain started scratching her head from time to time. Uh-oh.... Could it be lice?!? I had lice when I was in elementary so I knew it all too well. So from time to time I would search hear head for any microscopic creepy crawler. None. But I could already see that she had some small scabs in her scalp from all the scratching:(

           One day while I was out, I got a text from my sister saying the helpers found lice on Rain's head.   EEEEK!!!! My first instinct was instruct the helper not to take Rain out to play with the neighbors for the meantime. I'm worried she got it from them. Anyway, my ex-helper said she was able to get it all. so as soon as I got home, I checked her head. Nothing. So I guess she really did remove it all. 

           But a part of me is having doubts if she really did see some lice because I never ever saw one on her head. Either that or I suck at searching. I check her scalp everyday. Still nada.  But sometimes she would still scratch her head. Then I thought maybe her current shampoo isn't working well with her scalp. And truthfully, I think I may need to add a bit more time to thoroughly rinse the shampoo 
off her head.                                                

              A few days after, Belly Blessed Fest 2013 came and this huge Cycles Sensitive Baby Head-to-toe Wash was in the goodie bag. Perfect timing as always! I love head-to-toe washes because they're very hygenic (because of the pump bottle), and you only need one solution to clean the whole body. It's very convenient. I tried using it on Rain and thankfully her scratching gradually lessened. So I guess it was really her shampoo (which I choose not to name) that was the real head-scratcher, so to speak. 

              Another thing I like about this product is how subtle the smell is. It's not too strong, which I think is a testament to how mild this product is for babies. I didn't know Cycles had bath products until I got this. Nice one, Cycles! :-) Check out where you can buy Cycles here. Still hoping though that Rain doesn't have to deal with lice. But I guess every kid goes through it. I will need to buy suyod at some point.


               PS: Makes me wonder if I made your scalp suddenly feel itchy while you read this post about lice? Because I certainly felt some itchyness while I was writing this hahaha! Just like how yawning can be so contagious. You see someone yawn and it's like a chain reaction. Hahaha! :-)

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. 


  1. Oi san pwde mabili ang top-to-toe na ito? and how much?

    1. Hi Cheekeegirl! check out the link below on where to buy:

  2. My girl keeps scratching her head too. I searched for lice, but didn't find any. It must be the shampoo, noh? I should try this one.

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