Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day-out with my Mother In Law!

               Due to the hectic schedule of The Pickiest Eater, I have been busy going places and writing. I'm not complaining. It's an awesome "job"! It's exciting that I get to travel and meet a lot of friends. (And of course eat haha)

              Finally, this week, I was relieved that I Rain and I got the chance to visit my Mother in law.  I've been feeling bad that it's been weeks since we last visited. So some QT with her was perfect!

             Did I tell you I had the sweetest Mother In Law ever? When Rain and I got there, she handed me a present for my birthday! Rain had fun ripping off the wrapper (just thinking about it now I should have taken her picture while opening. D'oh!)

            Anyway my mom gave me two beautiful tops (the style I like too!), a very comfortable and thick leggings and three scrunchies that she made herself!!! Awwww! All these things I need because of all the events I've been attending for Richie, usually you'll see me wearing the same stuff over and over again hahaha! I'm pretty sure you've noticed!

#OOTD hehehe. Off to dinner at 7 Corners wearing my new outfit!

Scrunchies made with love!

              I’m so proud to say that the scrunchies Mom gave me, she made herself! I always tie my hair in a bun because I just don’t have time to manage my hair since I became a Mom. Plus, it’s been butt-ugly. No time to rebond my hair yet. I don’t have 7 hours to spare. So these beautiful scrunchies are perfect to add accent to my hair and hide my fugly buns! I love it!!!

              She also made me a classy headband that really did the trick in adding some “frost” in my boring bun look J

Selfie with Rain wearing my new Top from Mom and my new classy head band!

            You see, I've never been into fashion. If you see me inside a mall, you won't usually see me window shopping for clothes and accessories. Instead, you'll see me window shopping for cellphones, or toys and other baby stuff. But I guess I do need to shop for them one of these days. I already have my eyes set on accessories in Zalora. As for clothes, I wouldn't even dream of buying something tight fit because of my post pregnancy body. I don’t plan to march out the door out into the public with a suman look. I want something I'm comfortable with yet it's stylish and smart-looking enough to wear on special occasions.

mother in law
I wanted to take a picture with my Mom in law but I was shy hehehe 

            So anyway back to my day with my Mother in Law... I was surprised when it turned out that she had also planned to take me for a salon date! We had foot spa, pedicure, and I had my hair trimmed and blow-dried. It was so nice!

Warning: More selfies up ahead! Yikes!

When you have a really really good hair day, you just gotta take more selfie shots!

            I didn't want to wet my hair ever hahaha! This Wednesday I’ll have my hair blow-dried again before attending my event hehehe. That ends my quick kwento for the day. Oh before I forget, and did I tell you how awesome my mother in law is? ;-)


  1. Mommy rina I love your leggings. I've been wanting to buy one but can't find the right one

    1. Hi Donna! Thank you so much! I love it too! And I love the thickness of the tela. When I bend and stuff, it doesn't become see-through if you know what I mean hehehe :-)

  2. wow! i love the scrunchies and the leggings too! ang hirap humanap ng magandang leggings lalo na sa kasing sexy ko. huhu. sana magkaroon din ako ng QT.. :)

  3. Your MIL is so thoughtful and sweet! <3

    Loving the leggings!

  4. Replies
    1. I'm the lucky one! hahaha! (sorry guys mushyyyy!)