Sunday, July 7, 2013

Edible Sensory Paint for Kids!

                          So happy I stumbled upon this Learn Play Imagine  blog! So Rain can practice "art" without having to worry if she'll eat the paint or crayon or whatever. Plus, it's sooo easy to make! For a moment I actually felt like a rockstar baker while making it hahaha! (Humor me)

                        This is like a gooey paint that makes your toddler explore some gooey texture.  It's an edible sensory paint for kids!

All you need are:

- 1/2 Cornstarch
- Food coloring (I got primary colors so I can make more colors by combining)
- Sugar
- 2 cups Cold water

Mix water and cornstarch and about a teaspoon of sugar in a pan in medium heat

Mix mix mix until it becomes goey.

Put in containers. Or if you have a baking pan, better. So you divide into different colors. Add a drop or two of food coloring (One drop goes a loooong way). Then mix to spread the color out.

Tadaaaa! let it cool then you're ready to go!

Now all you need to is to set up the stage. Good thing I still have lots of manila paper!

Paint time! I made Rain wear a play shirt (no pants hehehe)

Time to get messy!

Rain's first smear

She is loving the texture of the gooey paint

All she does now is feel the paint. no more painting hehe

So my sister and I stepped in and did a little "art" of our own hehe

When Rain was done she went to me and sat on my lap with her messy hands and legs hehe. Oh no!!! :-)


  1. Hi Rina! We were at the same table during The Joy of Learning workshop. I've been following your blog since then :). This post is so timely for me as I have been looking for instructions on how to make homemade finger paint for my daughter.

    Now that I can spend more time with her, I am looking for fun activities to do her. Last week, we put some food coloring on different glasses filled with water and she had a blast mixing them together.

    I can't wait to try this also. :D

    1. Hi Hana! :-) Kamusta na? :-) Thank you for stumbling upon my humble blog hehe :-) I felt so happy too when I saw this Learn Play Imagine blog. She's also a believer of joyful learning. And at least di ba we don't have to buy these types of paint. We can very easily make it at home! She has so much stuff on her blog check it out! :-)

      Can't wait to start a new project! And as always I'll share it here too! (Provided it's successful hahaha!

      Thanks again Hana!

  2. Replies
    1. I'll have you known that it was properly cleaned up! :p

  3. Hi Rina,
    It looks really fun pero mukha messy hahaha... They also did the edible project to my son's school ginawa naman nila play-doh with almost the same ingredients kung pede nga lang lahat ng toys nila edible and free from choking hazard will be so much better for Moms like us.


    1. Hi Rochelle! Its super messy! Its actually like slime. I guess this is how they make slime for movies hehe. I also made homemade play dof for Rain!!!:-) in fact i'll be posting it soon hehehe :-)

  4. I love this Rina!!
    Would definitely try this with my niece :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're most welcome Jo! :-) Have fun! prepare for a big mess hahaha! :-)

  5. I don't know if my daughter will like this but I'll try. Ayaw kasi nadudumihan ang kamay nun. One time at toddler school, they have an activity to paste small pieces of paper. Gusto laging punasan ng teacher yung kamay nya =)

    1. Awww hahaha thats so cute! Mukhang OC baby in the making hahaha! At least neat toddler sya:)

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