Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Erase Crayon off Walls with Scotch Brite!

This is NOT a sponsored post!

   Don't blink! There's no editing here or cuts of whatsoever! I was surprised as well! I got this sample Scotch Brite Easy Erasing Pad from a loot bag from Mom Expo. (Or was it Kid Expo?) Anyway one of the Mommy Mundo Expos. I had to lower one eye brow when I read that this sponge erases crayon and pen marks and other very tough stains WITHOUT SOAP! For real? We shall find out!

              Here's the sponge. It's a bit deformed because it's been lying under some stuff under the sink. The blue sponge part is just there for a better grip because the white part, the one that actually does the "magic" gets thin easily with every scrub.

                This right here is Rain's masterpiece on our dining room wall. In case you were wondering, yes I haven't attempted cleaning it off since I wasn't sure how to effectively take it off. I guess during that time, googling was way too much work for me. So anyway let the scrubbing begin!

Top left to right, and then bottom left to right

                The instructions said to wet the sponge then give it a good squeeze to remove the excess water. That's it. Then it's down to scrubsville. As you can see the crayon did come off after a few scrubs! And the white sponge part was so soft that I'm sure it won't damage any surface. With a couple of scrubs I had already erassed half of Rain's masterpiece. (Sorry sweetheart! You can draw it again on a canvas next time)

This is what the sponge looked like after erasing half of Rain's scribbles

              Then after around like 5 minutes of scrubbing, TADAAAA! All gone!!!! there's only a super faint trace of the crayon but I think if you scrub longer it will all be completely gone. 

              I wanted to save the rest of the erasing pad for one of Rain's toys which she also scribbled the same orange crayon with. The bad part is that she scribbled it on the white part of the toy. I attempted to clean it before with tissue and a bit of soap, but it could only do so much. The texture of the plastic was rough so it was hard to take out every bit of the crayon. The worst part was that I recently accidentally found out how much this toy costs while I was window shopping. This was a gift to Rain from her Ninong. So when I saw the price I became more persistent in getting the crayon out haha!

               After a couple of scrubs, the crayon from the small corners were already gone. I'm totally liking this product!

Tadaaaa! Finished! It's all white again!

               After cleaning the wall, then the toy, this was what was left from the white sponge. Not bad! I'm saving this for Rain's upcoming misplaced masterpieces! Not sure though how much the price is. Do you know? Do share!

             FYI, The flyer that came with it says it...
              - Removes crayons and pen marks, dirt, smudges and scuff marks on most hard and smooth surfaces
              - Safe to use: Won't scratch or damage most surfaces. Great on walls, floors, furniture and fixtures, electronics and home appliances

              Oh and did I mention this is not a sponsored post? It totally works like magic!! :-) But in case you were wondering, here's a link on what other things you can use to clean crayons off your walls. There's baking soda, lighter fluid, mayonnaise, vinegar, etc.!

A little note though from the flyer also said that it may actually "dull glossy plastic or other surfaces., and may change the appearance of some painted surfaces. Test first in an inconspicuous area using light pressure. Do not use with bleach. Exercise caution when using in electronics and home appliances.


  1. Oh, I hope it could erase the permanent marker on my hardwood table! Hahanap ako niyan. :)

    1. Hmmm the flyer said pen marks lang. didn't mention markers but you can still try :-) Just worried about the term "permanent" in permanent markers ahihihi! Yeah I saw nga your post about your beautiful table :( but how sweet naman of your little one to keep saying sorry :-)

  2. Oh! wonderful! Our house walls too is like a big canvass. All my daughter's crayons and pen markings you can find there. I search for this in the grocery. Thanks Mommy Rina for sharing

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