Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Had The Best Caesar Salad at Mario's!


 It was my first time to eat at Marios hence it was also the first time I've ever seen a Caesar Salad served table side! I was fascinated at how tedious the dressing was to make! And everything was done manually. No electronic kitchen apparatus whatsoever. I wasn't able to time how long the preparation took, but I tell you it was so worth it! It is by far the BEST caesar salad I have ever had! Ever!

            Garlic is minced and crushed very very finely, beating it with a wooden spoon and sheer arm strength. I felt like he crushed the garlic for 10 or more minutes!

           And then he adds olive oil and egg yolk. The egg yolk is added one by one, with a lot of whipping in between.

          And then he starts whisking it all very carefully, making sure no area is untouched.

                Once the dressing had the perfect smooth consistency, he adds the anchovies and manually crushes them with a fork. And then more mixing comes!

Then it is done!

           In goes the fresh lettuce, then the tossing begins. And soon, this beautiful salad is plated and drizzled with crushed bacon, croutons, and grated with Parmesan cheese. Fantastic!

           I would definitely go back to Marios even just for this Caesar Salad! Want to see more items on their menu? Visit the Pickiest Eater here!


  1. I love ceasar salad and your post made me want to have one, ASAP! Great pictures!

    1. Hi Joan! I've never loved ceasar salad this much! hehehe :-)Head on to Marios na! ;-)

  2. I super love Mario's Caesar salad! I don't normally love this salad variant, but Mario's made me a convert! :D PS: Ingredients are simple lang pala. The mixing and tossing seems tiring though. >.<