Friday, July 19, 2013

The Day the Mommies Went Pole-Dancing! (Polecats Manila)

           Let me share with you a secret. Once upon a time when I wasn't a mom yet, I would buy exercise videos that I can do at home alone without anyone judging me hehe. And one of my favorite videos was Carmen Electra's Strip Tease.

Image from

        I enjoyed following toning steps and I found it especially exciting at the end when all the steps come together to form a short dance. And with Carmen Electra's Strip tease Video, I secretly enjoyed doing the sexy yet very tasteful moves ;-) This was around 4 years ago. And ever since I got pregnant I didn't really have the time do it anymore. Basically because I didn't feel fit enough to do such moves. Thought it would look funny hehe.

           But seems like the universe is making a way for me to get back into this type of fitness activity because a few days ago, a member of the Blog Inspired group Ginger messaged us through the Blog Inspired FB page to inform us that Polecats Manila are now offering Pole Dancing Classes for moms called Moms And More! It's pole dancing that's not too intense but still fun (and sexy!) as well! They were looking for mommy bloggers that wanted to give it a try. I jumped at the chance, not stopping to think that I have sweaty palms and that I don't have any sports apparel that fit me. Join now, solve the problems later hehe. And I'm glad I did!

             The day finally came and I was fascinated with the studio. It was my first time to pole dance. I wanted to laugh at myself and started having doubts if I could actually do it. Good luck to me!

             They have a really nice and clean studio. Of course I have no frame of reference but I really liked it.!

Shot of the studio from the front' Love the details of the back wall!

                 They also have on display some pole dancing costumes, and other pole dancing accessories

They also have these powders and stuff that can help with the gripping. Aha! Just what I need!

The day before, they sent us an email to remind us of the important guidelines as preparation for our class:

1. Wear short shorts and do NOT put lotion.
2. Bring towel and water.
3. Come hydrated, but NOT on a full stomach.
4. Classes start and end on time.
5. If it's your first class, come 15 mins early to fill out some forms.
6. Latecomers will not be allowed to join class.
7. Male companions are not allowed to watch.
8. If bringing kids, please make sure they do not disrupt class or make a mess.
9. Bring an open mind :)
10. Classcards are non-refundable and non-transferable.

... and the most important rule of all during the class: LET YOUR HAIR DOWN! Literally! Swoosh! :-)

         At 9:30am, we started the class. Yikes! Wish me luck!

                 Christine Dy was our instructor. And I had so much fun with her! She was very patient in teaching us the basic steps, and also very encouraging. She has been doing pole dancing for 6 years already. Wow! And she said she never did gain back her old weight even if she didn't count calories with her food intake. I like the sound of that!

                Unfortunately I don't have photos of the class ongoing. Of course I didn't want to stop and take photos of them in the middle of the class or I would miss out on some steps hehe. But I do have....

                                                           A VIDEO! HAHAHA! 

              As soon as we kind of mastered the whole choreography, we all took our phones / ipads / and set it up to record ourselves doing the whole routine. It's very basic but there's one step that I had a hard time with (the one where you have the pole in between your legs and you're legs are stretched out and you're carrying your whole body weight, holding on to the pole for dear life) so I ended up cheating on that part hahahaha so funny! :-) but it worked ;-)

              So without further adieu, here's our shameless pole dancing video! Remember this is a super basic class. For MOMS! Hehehe.  So pretty please humor us! 

              I must say, I missed this! I missed pushing my body's strength (although I did that when I was in labor hehe) I missed dancing though I'm not really a good dancer. It's fun to do the tasteful moves. It's very empowering in a way. Like I gained the old me back. As a mom, I believe it's something I need.  Was planning to go again Thursday morning but my muscles still ache from my first class. It was THAT effective! (And yes I'm THAT out of shape hehe). I'm definitely going back for another session and I can't wait!


Group photo with instructor Christine Dy!

Had so much fun with Mommy Bloggers!
Top (L-R): Glaiza, Janice
Bottom (L-R): Pika, Christine Dy (instructor), Earth, Cheska
Photo from Polecats!

Snacks prepared by Polecat's Ms. Amaia! Super delicious sandwiches, cupcakes, and iced tea! 

And also super happy that I got to meet Jaichi after the class! Mommy Pika's youngest.
Yes she has two kids! Still so slim!

Polecats Manila 
22nd floor
Strata 100 Bldg, 
F. Ortigas Jr, Ortigas Center, 

Contact Number: +63917-700-POLE (7653) for classes

PS: Please be kind with your comments hahaha! :-)


  1. Wow, Rina and Janice! Hot mommas, I must say. Is Rain, the electric fan hater, ready to be big sister soon? Hey Pickiest Eater, have you seen this na ba? :)

    1. over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again :)

  2. ang saya saya siguro ng event nyo Mommy Rina. hot mommas lahat! :)

    1. Hahaha thanks Istin! Pakapalan na ng mukha hahaha!

  3. Ganda ng pose mo, Rina. Sultry. Witwiw!!! :)

    1. Sabi kasi sexy pose daw! Pag tingin ko ako lang yung OA hahaha! Kainiiis!!!:-))))

  4. very sexy and hottie mommy Rina!!! ang galing!!! :)

    1. Hahaha thanks Zai! You should try it!:-) super saya!

  5. Pa-grab ng video amiga ha, are we coming back on Thursday? What do you say, Rina, Janice, Pika, Cheska and Earth? I think I'm done recuperating! :) Christine's nice, I hope she teaches us again.

    1. Oo naman! Grab away!!!;-) i want to go back on thurs!:-) taraaaaa!!!!!

  6. Nakarelate ako mommy rina! Pero belly dancing na mga vcd bnbili ko then gnagawa ko magisa or sometimes kami ng mom ko..pero ngayon parang im shy na na gawin hahaha

    1. Ang cute nyo naman ng mom mo hihihi! Agree vcds/dvds are the best at least you can do it at home without getting conscious hahaha!:-)

  7. Hahaha! OMG! Part of me is still a little shy about the video so I posted screenshots lang. Haha! I miss pole dancing na. I wanna go back soon! :)

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