Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mommy's Day Out: Coffee with Highschool Friends

Neneng shot. My high school BBFs!
Blurred photo because it was taken using a low pixel phone cam hehe.

                   I'm sure we all had our groups of girlfriends back in high school. That group of friends who you practically grew up with, shared the same interests in music, sports, hobbies, shared your hopes and dreams for college, and of course were there to listen to your puppy love stories. These girls were mine. And I'm glad to say that we still try to meet once in a while. It's been harder for me since I became a mom and all, and so when I finally got the chance, we all met up one fine Saturday afternoon at The Podium Mall to have some late lunch, coffee, and catch up over coffee. 

We've seen each other through everything!

                It's always a joy to meet up with these girls! We never fail to reminisce about the funny experiences we had back in high school. And no matter how many times we talk about those memories, it still makes us laugh. We've seen each other through practically everything. It's nice to have a group that's just there to listen when you need to speak your mind. We're like sisters. Too bad we were missing 3 other sisters. Zee was out of the country at that time, Mitch and Cha are both already residing in the US with their families. How time flies! Seemed like it was just yesterday when we were practicing our song for the Linggo ng Wika song-writing contest, now half of us are parents! Hahahaha! (Okay these girls will kill me if I spill more beans tee hee!)

                Steph wanted to try Wildflour so that's where we met up right after I took photos from the Belly Blessed event. Knowing Wildflour, it was always packed. Especially since the branch in Podium was not that big. So I went ahead and got us a table.

                When I went inside I saw that it was even narrower than I thought. Good thing I was able to get seats for the four of us.

Coffee menu

My cappuccino
               I had some coffee while I waited for them to cure my throbbing headache. (Okay I love coffee and my headache was the perfect excuse to order one hehe)

Strawberry Streusel
             I also got a Strawberry Streusel because I was starving and the girls were still on their way. And my coffee needed a buddy. I think this was P120. Yep. Pretty pricey if you ask me. But it was quite good. I enjoyed the strawberry filling and most especially the sweet crumbly topping.

             Finally they arrived :-) Just in time! Was excited to eat!

          Mimmie and I both ordered their Macaroni and Cheese (P280) with Gruyere and cheddar. The serving looked small but don't let looks deceive you. This is one heavy baked pasta. I actually only finished half of it. (Also maybe because half the time I was talking and talking haha). Recy and Steph ordered some salad and a sandwich which unfortunately I totally forgot to take a picture of. Tsk tsk...

             I realized I hadn't taken that many photos of my friends using my big camera so I started taking some, although I had to twist their arms for it hehehe.

Here's Recy with Steph of 9th Liberty!

Recy, the Bride-to-be! Yiiiheeeee!

                 After our lunch we headed to Mary Grace Cafe for some dessert and coffee. I love the ambiance of Mary Grace. Perfect setting for some more hard-core chit chat with the girls. 

Recy's soup
Our shared Brownie Ala Mode

And our shared Mango Bene 

My funny cappuccino. Yes I love coffee!
              Funny story with my coffee. The waiter served me my cup of cappuccino with a little coffee art. It was simple but nice. But when the waiter saw me taking photos of it, he proactively asked me if I he could take it back to the bar tender to add a prettier coffee art for picture purposes. It wasn't necessary but I said sure. So of course I was expecting something really pretty. When it came back, this is what it looked like. It's like they just added a tiny swirl in the middle. It actually looked better the first time hahaha!

                     Had such a nice chat with the girls! Hope we can schedule another one when Zee gets back. Or is she back? Anyway see you girls again soon! :-) Miss you Mitch and Cha! Always! :-)


  1. Coulda brought me home a Cronut Pasalubong... sniff... hehehe

    love you baby! I'm glad you got a break :)

    You deserve it!

    1. The whole time i was there i didnt see a shadow of a cronut. Out of stock na morning palang! :(

  2. ang bad mo rin!!! d mo dinelete yung pic! at pinost mo pa talaga ha? hmp!!! at dahil dyan ikaw lang manlilibre next time!!!

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