Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Little Trip to SM Aura (Updated)

            I have been to SM Aura a few weeks ago but I wasn't really able to go around.  So the second time I went, I made sure to look around a bit more.  To finally see the famous mall that Sarah Jessica Parker flew all the way down here for.

            The first thing I noticed during my first visit was what seemed like an endless stair case, (sorry shot was from the top. It's way nicer from the bottom) They're actually flights of stairs  from the ground floor to the Sky Park. It seemed to me that they are promoting fitness and health. It looked beautiful but I got tired just by staring at it. I wonder if I can climb it all the way up?

            The mall is quite spacious and bright. High ceilings and white all over. There weren't a lot of people during both my visits. So it was quite pristine. Richie says if you've never been to SM Lanang in Davao, you'd be impressed with Aura.

Comfort rooms are clean. Hope it stays this way :-)

            I was quite impressed with their food court. Classy tables and chairs, with sky light and all. Again making it very pristine.

            But what I was most impressed with was their sky garden. Although it was quite hot, I can imagine hanging out here at Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf for a tall glass of White Chocolate Dream frap. 

CBTL al fresco area at the Sky Garden

The fountain

I'm guessing the building up ahead is a condo-tel and they have their exclusive entrance to the mall via the sky garden. Not really sure because they wouldn't let any one pass beyond that point.

Picture before going back down

 And this is the Sky Park at night time. Sorry for the grainy photo. I was using my phone

Was surprised there was an SMX Convention center inside.

More  long stairs. I really think they're promoting fitness

Sky light

Spotted! Bono Gelatto!

SM Department Store

Touch screen directory. Of course Richie exclusively browses for restaurants only haha!

                             I thought this Peppermint Kids Salon and Spa Boutique looked so cool! If they accept adult customers (and if I could fit into one of them cars) I would so have my haircut here!

Baby Company. Of course. Where there's SM, there's Baby Company! This is where I actually saw that nice looking 43K worth stroller. 

       And of course, Toy Kingdom. It's not as huge as the one in Megamall.

Here's the biggest Watsons branch I've ever seen

Supermarket (obviously)

The supermarket wasn't as big as I thought but they had wide aisles so it's all good. That's one of the things that matter to us actually. I hate narrow supermarket aisles wherein there's an actual traffic jam forming among the push carts.

         A few moments after taking these photos at the Supermarket I was approached by security and asked me calmly to stop taking photos. They say I needed to have a permit to take photos. PS I was only using my iPad but oh well. Rules are rules. So I stopped. Don't worry SM I don't have an evil plan. (Unless you consider a blog feature evil hehe)

        All in all I'd say it's quite nice. So long as it's not crowded (or raining hard haha I heard there's a huge leak but I hope they fixed that already), hanging out there wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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  1. I haven't been to SM Aura. Is it kid friendly as well? :)

    1. Hi Jaz, Yep they have a Baby Company store, and other toy stores such as of course Toy Kingdom. The Sky Park is also a nice place to take photos of your kids with :-) I don't recall seeing an amusement area though. I might be wrong. Baka di ko lang napansin

  2. When I went there I didn't let Jaichi go near the glass ballister. Baka hindi maganda ang pag lagay he can fall!!! Yikes. But yes, it was spacious and clean... and empty since it's new :) I didn;t know they have CBTL up there! I love CBTL! Subukan nga diyan minsan! :)

    1. That's exactly what I was telling Richie! For some reason nakaka lula yung ballister! All glass kasi din gamit nila. And I don't usually get lula! yes check out the CBTL sa taas :-) Parang sarap dun sa gabi! :-) or late afternoon pag di na mainit :-)

  3. Hi Rina, thanks for noticing and posting a pic of our small corner in SM Aura. Looking forward to see you soon!

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