Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One More Cup of Extra Stress Please


             I knew that getting married would mean that I would be gaining a few more titles in my life. From the normal administration staff (my previous office work), to becoming a household manager (next to the household CEO, my husband). And now that I have my little Rainbow, I was added the job responsibility of being a teacher, a nurse, a playmate, and eventually when Rain gets a little bit older, guidance counselor. But I never thought I would also have to be a guidance counselor to my household help! Sigh... I did not sign up for this!

             A few weeks ago, I had my dad and sister come over for dinner. They usually also tag their helper along (let's call her Helper M) so that she can help with dinner and also so that she can chat with helper V (my sosyal helper). A little bit before dinner I heard helper V banging some things around in the kitchen. I asked what was going on and apparently she was pissed off with helper M for some reason which I'm not going to bore you with right now. I told them off saying that they shouldn't fight over petty things because there will be a lot of times when I need to leave helper V and Rain over to my dad's place especially if I have to go out on an event or something or even to run errands. They need to get along. Or be civil at least.  And I especially told helper V that she is not to have tantrums in the house ever again when she's pissed off. Especially over something petty. Actually, I couldn't care less what the fight was all about and who started it. I just hated the fact that she was banging things and having tantrums like a child in my kitchen. Banging MY kitchen stuff.

             After a few days they finally made up. Good. But just a few days ago, I had to drop off Rain and helper V again to my Dad's house because I had an early meeting. After my meeting, I got a text from my sister saying that she woke up from the loud quarreling downstairs. Yep. It was once again Helpers M and V on each other's throats. They had some misunderstanding, the other one saying she's such a gossip blah blah blah. Honestly! Do I really need to add this in my things-to-stress-about list? I was out on an event but my mind was back home wondering if the two helpers had already killed each other. 

            Good thing my sister was there. And she got to play Guidance Counselor this time. So as soon as I got home, thankfully they had already made up. All I can think of is how relieved I kinda am that helper V is leaving in a few days. She's going back home to study. Good for her. And good for me too, sorry to say.

            During my last post about her (My Sosyal Maid) I highlighted how smart she is (can speak basic English with no provincial accent hehe) and how ironic that she has to work as a helper when she had the option to study in her home town. I also mentioned how proactive she was in cleaning. Apparently it looks like her pro-activeness at the beginning was just for show. To impress me. Later on I noticed that she cleans quicker, which means she doesn't clean thoroughly. There are still dusty bookshelves and some of Rain's toys lying around in the darkness under some furniture. The bathroom shower is not squeaky clean. And so these past few days my patience with her is getting short. So at least her leaving will work out for the best. Sorry to say.

           To be fair, I do appreciate how she is as a helper. Like how she talks to me, how she asks permission from me for anything. Basically how respectful she's become. And that's probably the thing I will miss about her. I'm glad she's pursuing her studies and I hope she finishes it. I'm also praying that our next helper will be a lot more thorough in cleaning and knows how to cook. (Would be nice to eat soupy viands at home once in a while, other than tinola. Hehehe).


  1. Hope you'll find another maid soon. :)

  2. HI Mommy Rain!

    I can relate to you too. My previous yaya of 2 years already left us. It was kinda relieving too because I'm also stressed out on her. SHe's okay at first taking care of my kids because she's used too it. But then naging basungit na sya. It's okay that she bravely told me that she's tired taking care of the kids. AT least honest sya. I don't like it na parang napilitan na lang. It will affect my kids too. I have two helpers by the way for each kids. Buti nang mka cguro na maalagaan ang dalawa. They're most important kasi I can help out naman with the chores pag dating ko after office. I have a new one now. I find her very soft spoken and very child-friendly. Yun lang maawa ako sa kanyang physical built kasi tiny talaga sya and my baby is very bigat already. And so far I'm happy with my new yaya. First impression ko talga sa kanya magaan ang pkiramdam ko. I hope nga tuloy2x na sya.

    1. Wow you're lucky! I hope my new one (who's arriving in a few hours) will be like that too. Never mind yung skills eh. that can be learned (hopefully fast learner sya hehe) but mas important talaga yung magaan kasama and respectful :-) wish me luck Cheekeegirl!!!! :-)

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