Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Precious Tea Time with La Maison Du The at Wine Depot

             Have you ever hosted a make-believe tea party with your imaginary friends when you were like 3 or 4 years old? I actually have never done that. Not to my recollection anyway. I think for Filipinos it’s usually just bahay-bahayan. I guess because tea parties are never really that common here in the Philippines. When I think “tea”, I think fancy porcelains and the queen in her royal garden.

            Now that I’m older, I sometimes find myself looking for something to kind of cleanse all the fat and oil and other junk that I’ve consumed during my meal. And for some reason, I feel that tea is the drink that can do just that. I have to admit. I’m more of a coffee person than a tea person. But at some point my body does sometimes year for tea.

Wine Depot at N. Garcia, Makati

          Amidst all the coffee shops that have sprung up in every corner, I didn’t know that some Wine Depot stores not only sell wines, but they actually have a tucked in cafe where you can order a meal, have coffee or  tea, and relax. It was my first time in their N. Garcia branch last week so I was surprised to see the cafe inside.

They actually have wide menu.

Welcome La Maison Du The!

            And to showcase the arrival of a prestigious tea brand from one of the oldest and most prestigious tea houses in France, La Maison Du The, you can experience a great tea culture, French-style, when you go lunching in Wine Depot every High Tea Wednesdays.

            Don’t let the name fool you. This High Tea Wednesdays (available from 3pm-5pm every Wednesdays) will not only serve you tea. This is inclusive of one pot of your choice of La Maison Du The tea plus a selection of sweet and savory items: 2 sausage rolls, 1 chicken pastry, 2 salmon puffs, 1 lamington, 1 fresh fruit tart, and 1 cheesecake! 

               During the past few weeks I’ve been stressed with adult stuff (who isn’t hehe) So according to the tea personality test they made us answer, English Breakfast Tea was the tea for me.  This was perfect since like I mentioned earlier how I’m more of a coffee person, this English Breakfast Tea is more of a quick “pick me up” tea. This black tea is considered “coffee lite”. So if you’re like me who wants to cut back on coffee, but still need caffeine in your life, this would be the best tea to go. Aside from the English Breakfast, they have 6 other flavors!

               Their Chamomile and Peppermint has lower caffeine and have natural antioxidants plus healing and calming properties.

               Their Green tea or Lemon Ginger is their “cure-all” tea. Treat common colds, tummy aches, and helps improve blood circulation and boosts immune system.

               The Darjeeling, also known as the Champagne of Teas (Wow!), has a delicate flavor of ripe fruits. Their Earl Grey is delightfully aromatic!. I was thisclose to taking some home and using it as an air freshener. It smells so good!

               What’s special about LMDT is the fact that their tea leaves are actually hand torn and are placed in silk mesh rather than paper bags. Paper bags usually absorb most of the natural elements. This one does not. Also, it's comforting to actually see the tea leaves through the silk mesh. This way you know you're getting an excellent quality.

             I’m fond of iced tea and this alcohol-infused one is no exception (*hik!*). This of course made It tastes like real fresh tea exactly but sweeter so there’s no bitter taste. And the same time it’s not too sweet that makes you want to choke. It has the right balance.  The alcohol wasn't that strong too. It's a refreshing iced tea using LMDT's Englisg Breakfast mixed with triple-sec and grenadine.

                 No this is not a soda. It's actually iced coffee. This one is obviously very dark and bitter. But funny thing is I actually liked it! The same way I like dark chocolate. I personally didn’t feel the need to add any type of sweetener. But at the same time I didn't really finish it because the bitterness was already starting to catch up. Pair this with some sweets and it'll be perfect!

          Their spiked iced coffee tastes like Baileys. Enough said! It’s really good! And the biscotti cookies dipped in dark chocolate is love!!! I call it a fancy Yan Yan (A biscuit and chocolate dip treat that can be bought in the local supermarket).

The pies were a mix of beef and curry chicken. Both good!

              And their sweets are also not overly sweet. They have the softest cheesecake I have ever tried. And the lightest lamington! So far everything was good!

High Tea Wednesday Set . all of this for only P500!

                 And the good news is that you can have this amazing set for only P500! You already get a pot of tea of your choice, or you can also opt for iced tea, or iced coffee (all specially blended and prepared). Plus you get pastries and savory pies. And this is all great for sharing with a friend or two. Now you can literally invite your friends to go out for a cup of tea ;-) Paging Steph, Zee, and Mimi! :-)

Other canapes prepared for the media event:

Prosciutto with Olives and Pepper

Grilled Chicken Skewers

Forgive me... I forgot to ask the name of this one!

Salmon on Crostini. I must say this is my fave!

A whole half and half cheesecake hehe. Blueberry and Strawberry
The event was hosted by DJ Jada from Wave 89.1
Ms. Michelle Perez, Tea & Coffee Specialist of Wine Depot doing some tea demo

Wine Depot retails La Maison Du The Items here:
  •          217 N. Garcia St . Bel Air Village Makati
  •          6 Missouri St. North East Greenhills San juan
  •          Westgate Corporate Center, Commerce Ave. Corner Filinvest Ave. Alabang, Muntinlupa

Can also be bought in the following partner establishments:
  •          Chateu 1771
  •          Cafe 1771
  •          Corner Tree Cafe
  •          Epic Cafe (Kapitloyo)
  •          Lemon Cafe in Bocaray 


  1. Lol. Would it be weird if I went to Wine Depot just for high tea?

    1. Ummm... I was planning to do that so i dont think its weird hahaha!:-)

  2. I like the High Tea set --- looks like the perfect set of tea and treats for an afternoon of chikahan with friends! :)

    1. It really is! :-) Great price too! :-) P500 for all of that na you can share it na with friends :-)

  3. Great place, i was there last summer.

  4. Tea with sweets is my favourite delicacy. What teas should i try on Phillipines i like classic sorts like earl grey and darjeeling?


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