Friday, July 19, 2013

Rain's Nursery: Room Painting!

            I think I should have posted this yesterday as a #throwbackthursday. Oh well....

            A few days ago I dug up some photos from our PC and I thought it would be fun to share here for documentation purposes. So that when Rain sees it she will know the hard work all of her Ninangs and Titas put for her! :-)

           Ever since, lavander has been my favorite color. I guess it's obvious based on the color theme of my blog haha!)

          So I immediately knew that if I was going to have a daughter, I would have the nursery painted lavander. Or Perennial Sweetpea to be exact (according to the paint patch I chose.)

Preggy me mixing paint!

            The idea of painting the room by myself excited me! Hash tag labor of love! So of course we chose a paint that was odorless and was baby-friendly. Forgive me as I can't remember the brand of the paint. Anyway even it if the paint wasn't harmful to me or the baby, we still took precautionary measures and wore masks (actually it was a bandana).

Before shot of the room

My favorite sister was excited to paint the room too! Actually I think it was all her idea :-)
She's my only sister by the way haha!

Ninang Chai hard at work! All for her niece / goddaughter :-)
Painting with no professional help whatsoever!
We used only what we could find to make sure we stay inside the lines hehe. 

Almost done
Done!!! High five sistah!

                A few weeks after we were done, my dear dear friend Karen(Richie's collage friend actually), offered to paint a design on Rain's room! I was so happy because it was my dream to have something painted on the nursery wall! And I was also delighted to find out that Krystal was going to help too! (Also a dear friend and also college friends with Richie and Karen). So I looked for a design that's simple yet cute. I didn't want it too colorful and extravagant. I wanted it dainty and relaxing. So I chose a tree with a tiny bird :-)

     So one fine Sunday, Karen and Krystal came over and we started the "project" ! Again, hash tag labor of love! She started by putting markers on the using masking tapes.

Smile Karen! :-)

Trunk almost finished! There's Krystal too! :-)

Almost done! I love the simple leaves! Looks relaxing in the eyes! 

TADAAA!!! I'ts done!

                 Doesn't it look clean and relaxing? :-) Unfortunately, to this day, Rain has never slept here yet. She sleeps with us in the room haha! But it is her play room for now. And it looks more chaotic now with all her toys and clothes and stuff. I thought I had more than enough space for my daughter in this room. But boy was I wrong! For such tiny little humans, they sure have a loooooot of stuff!. (Which reminds me I really have to set some time to clear out a couple of things in this room and tidy up a bit.)

This proves you can totally design your baby's nursery without hiring any decorator whatsoever :-)But it also helps to have a friend who studied ID and ask for advice hehehe. (Hi Steph! Thanks for everything! hahaha!)

Rain's nursery room is brought to you by 
Tita/Ninang Chai, Ninang Karen, and Tita Krystal! 
Thank you girls for all the looooove! :-)


  1. Really pretty. I would definitely do that when we have a house of our own (sana next year) :)

    1. hi Joanne! Go go go! :-) Always think of your new house so you can attract it soon! ;-) As early as now visualize na the design you want ;-) Happy painting!!! :-)

  2. Wow! It's soooooo pretty. Galing, galing. I love your shade of purple. Di siya overpoweringly violet; very serene. And the touch of the tree was just prime. Ang ganda. Subtle lang. :) Am even more amazed that you painted it on your own and with loved ones! Labor of love talaga <3

    1. Hi Ms.Toni!!! :-) I'm glad you like it! I'm lucky to have talented friends and family willing to help! :-) Oo ayaw ko kasi yung super purple. I like it subtle. in fact I am attracted to that shade of purple na medyo halos may tinge of grey na haha! I love it! And I wanted one color of design lang (white) para the style will fit even pag tween na sya :-) If too colorful parang pang bata lang talaga sya hehe :-) Thanks again Ms. Toni! :-)

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  4. It's very likely that you are going to spill and drip paint on the floor, and the last thing you want to do is spill in on your floor. So have scrap paper on the floor, and at your floor will be protected at least a little.