Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trip Wish List!

          If you follow my little Rainbow of a blog, you would know that Rain loves and adores Sesame Street. She also loves Mickey Mouse Club House but at this point she's really leaning more on Sesame Street. She can recognize Elmo in any shape or form. One time we were at a mall, she started saying "Emow! Emow!" I looked around and true enough there was a little kid running around with an Elmo backpack hehe.

          Anyway just this afternoon she runs to me, holds my finger and drags me to whatever she wanted to show me. She dragged me over to the iPad and showed me what she was watching. It was a commercial for Sesame Place!:

            Although she doesn't really talk yet, it's like she was telling me "Mommy! I want to go here!" I can definitely see Rain's delight when we do take her there. Oh how I wish we could! Hopefully when she's old enough that she remembers the trip, and yet young enough that she still loves Sesame Street hehehe :-)

            Will definitely add this to our Trips Wishlist! :-) Sesame Place and of course Disney World!!!


  1. I think we'll be able to save enough in around 2 years.. better na din so she'll be able to remember it more! Sesame Place For Rain, then straight to Disney World For you, with a side trip to Universal Studios for me... Deal?


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