Friday, August 2, 2013

"Mama" :')


      It's almost 12 midnight and I was actually half-asleep earlier when I remembered something that happened today that I promis to blog about today. Something that I have been waiting for a long time: Rain officially refered to me as "mama" for the very first time! :')

       Flashback...It was April 1, 2012 when a 5-month old Rainbow started blabbing nonsense sylables. And the very first sort-of word she said was "mamamamamama". I was so excited at that time because I thought that could be considered as her first actual word. But of course it's not. That's just the babbling stage. 

        Fast forward to a year and a few months later, she started to say clearer words. Mostly expressions:

Alooo - Hello
Ooo-ow! - Uh-oh!
O nooow! - Oh no!

         She loves Sesame Street so much that she knew how to say to following words before she knew how to call me "mama":

Emow (Elmo)
Eenie (Ernie)

          And she even knew how to sing before she could call me "mama"! And mind you this little girl hits the correct tune! She's going to be a singer someday!

"Taaaa-ny dey..." - Sunny Day Theme song of Sesame Street (Thanks to Mina for triggering this! Haha!)
"Na na na na... Na na na na" - From Elmo's World Theme
"Daaaa Emow  woooo" - Thaaat's Elmo's wooooorld!

           And then because everytime Richie would come home, I would always say "Look Rain! It's Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Over and over. And so pretty soon she could say "Dadiiii" when he sees Richie. And of course being the girl that I am, got a bit jealous haha! Then it hit me. No one ever repeatedly refered to me as "mama" or "mommy" in from of Rain. So maybe that's why she never even tried. So Richie and I agreed that he would always call out "mama" every time I entered the room:

"Who's that Rain? It's Mama! MAMA!" (Originally I wanted "mommy" but mama is so much easier to practice for now.

           So earlier today, Rain saw a photo of me with Rowena of Animetric's World taken at an event (one of those photo booths). Then I watched her as she pointed to me in the photo and then finally after many many months she said....


           Two powerful syllables that melts a first-time mom's heart unlike no other :') Yes Rain that's right! I'm mama! A really lucky one! :')


  1. Even if she hadn't said it yet, it doesn't change the fact that you are the most important person in her life :)

  2. Rina!!! You're making me cry too!!! :')

  3. I feel the same way..its like it echoes in your mind..the "mama" word..and you want to make her repeat it again..

    1. Super duper powerful!!!! :') Plus the fact that moms have marshmallow hearts after giving birth hahaha!

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