Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fancy Kiddie Donuts, Creamy Centers, and Kidster Club from Mister Donut!

Ngiting Mister Donut!
            It has been a normal thing for us Filipinos to always bring something home to our families any time we come from work, or somewhere. I remember as a kid, me and my sister would always watch out for an unfamiliar-looking package that would signify pasalubong whenever our dad or aunt would come home from work. It really brings a feeling of delight and excitement to a child's heart. (...and the child at heart! I would always buy myself one of them Mister Donut Twists for my snack every afternoon when I was still in the corporate world haha!)

           The pasalubongs doesn't even have to be expensive. For me and my sister back in the days, it just has to be something new, or something delicious. Which is why Mister Donut's new and yummy sweets are a perfect pasalubong to bring home to your patiently waiting family! For a small amount, you can already bring home a feast of desserts!

Triple Double Bavarian

       I have always been a fan of bavarians. And there's no hiding that I'm a big fan of chocolate as well (who isn't?) That's why the marriage of bavarian and chocolate is one of the best things ever for me. Check out this Triple Double Bavarian! It's Chocolate donut, dusted with chocolate powder , and filled with chocolate filing plus either strawberry, classic bavarian, coffee bavarian, or caramel bavarian. Choose your pick! 

              I think all moms have noticed that snack bars are now trending in children's parties. It's a whole table dedicated to just candies, chocolates, and other sugary treats. And I think Mister Donut's Bugsies and Donut Pops would be an excellent and colorful addition to any children's snack bar. And no need to decorate them in pretty paper because they are already very colorful and attractive on it's own. And for only P15 per Bugsy donut and only P5 per donut pop, you can never go wrong!

        Mister Donut also now has Bread Rolls which I imagine are good for people on the go, or as a packed quick breakfast for your kiddos, or for yourself! Why not? Anyone can enjoy these soft rolls oozing with cheese, choco fudge, or pastel filing! It has a 3-day shelf life and is only P15 per piece! This is good to always have around at home in case you have surprise guests.

        So before going home from work, wouldn't help to stop by a Mister Donut shop and see the smile your precious little girl or boy when you hand them over their donut pasalubongs! ;-)

*Pasalubong - tagalog term for a treat or something that you take home to your family to, and that everyone can enjoy!

         Oh by the way Mommies! Always be up-to-date with all things Mister Donut when you sign your kids in the Mister Donut Kidster Club! This club is open to kinds 12 years old and below. How? All you need to do is ask for a Kidster Club form with your P100 purchase of any Mister Donut Kidster product. Once you're signed up, you can officially enjoy special promos, offers, an exclusive membership card, and a special gift on your kid's birthday! All for free! So sign your kids up now!


  1. Oi nice idea ito mommy rina for my 1st daughter bday. very affordable lng talaga..yumminess pa!

    1. Di ba? :-) It'll look really nice sa kiddie snack bars! :-)

  2. Buti I checked your Facebook and saw this! Now tuloy iniisip ko kung donut ba or cupcake for LB's 5th birthday. :)

    1. Wow advanced happy birthday LB!!!:-) at least this one pag pressed for time ka na talaga you can buy it lang from Mister Donut!:-) mura pa!;-) hehehe

  3. Good choice for haniels first bday!! Surely kids will love it!