Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hi Baby! I'm Watching You!

         Back in the days when Rain was still this little baby who had just started to learn how to crawl, I put her to nap on our bed. She was in the middle. So small and almost helpless. Sleeping so soundly. And I was glad she's finally resting so I could rest too. I felt a bit thirsty so I very quickly went downstairs to drink a glass of water. Our humble abode isn't big so it wasn't such a long trip from our bedroom to the kitchen.

        After taking a gulp of cold water, I suddenly felt the need to rush upstairs to check on Rain. I don’t know why. I just did. So I ran upstairs so fast I could have been taking 3 steps at a time. As soon as I got to the room, I saw little Rain, wide awake on all fours, by the edge of the bed and just one move away from falling.

If only I could watch Rain every second...

        This shows me two things: That a mother’s intuition is true, and secondly, that I could no longer depend on my radio baby monitor. It was working just fine when I would hear Rain’s cry over the monitor as soon as she wakes and she realizes she’s alone. But in instances like this, she woke up without making a sound and decides to explore the ends of the bed while being as quiet as a ninja.

         This memory came rushing back to me as soon as I was introduced to the cool features of this baby monitor yesterday afternoon. How I wish I owned this gadget during that time when Rain almost fell. How I wish I have this gadget now, actually. Because Rain naps in our room in the afternoon while I work downstairs. I occasionally have to go upstairs to check on her and see if she’s awake and on ninja mode again.

Poor sick little Rainbow :(

         Also, just this afternoon, Rain suddenly got sick. Didn't see it coming. (So funny that just a while ago she was just running like the Energizer bunny). In a snap, all our plans are cancelled tomorrow. But I'm thinking, if it's something that can't be cancelled, I would feel better if I had the means to check on her with my own eyes as I please, which is what this monitor can do.

         Oh by the way you might be wondering what this gadget is. It’s Baby Vision. It’s this cool wireless baby monitor that acts like a CCTV. Only this one has just one piece. Just the camera. Where’s the receiving end? It’s in your smartphone with just the tap of an app!

         Making a baby monitor that’s app-based is such a smart idea. We all know that almost everything nowadays are getting their own apps made. And what’s the first thing you check when you wake up? I bet 500 bucks that it’s your phone to check for missed calls or notifications from your social medias. (You can deposit the 500 in my bank account thank you hahaha). That’s why apps are so practical now. It’s because you carry it around with you all the livelong day.

The video quality is clear!

         So imagine if you could watch your baby even if you’re away from home? Even if you’re at work, at the supermarket, on a date with your husband, or even if you’re halfway around the world? All you need is your smartphone and an internet connection! It's brilliant, really.

View your baby using LAN / Wi-Fi / 3G / LTE
            The more I learned about Baby Vision, the more cooler it became. Please let me enumerate because it's really worth sharing I promise...

·                      I can control the camera to pan left and right or even tilt up and down just by swiping my phone’s screen.

·         It’s also a two-way intercom. I can hear everything that’s going on in the room. I can hear Rain’s important conversation with her Elmo doll. And at the same time Rain and her yaya can also hear my voice when I talk! “Yaya (Nanny), you can stop taking #selfies now and keep my baby alive please. I’m watching you!” (This selfie-taking-yaya actually happened. Ask Jasmine hehe) 

·         It’s easy to install. Just plug and play! Even I could probably do it. 

·         It can connect up to 5 gadgets. For example, my smartphone, Richie's fablet, my mom's laptop, my sister's desktop, and maybe my aunt’s smartphone too who lives in the US or something. Everyone can watch Rain as long as they have the Baby Vision app installed. I just need to give them access with my password.

·         I can view Rain using LAN / Wi-Fi / 3G / LTE. The app is available in iOS, Android, and Windows.

·         I can put a memory card up to 32 GB so it can record events in Rain’s room or wherever when I'm not tuned in. (Up to 2 and a half to 3 days worth of video). So I have video proof to see if Rain had a party at her crib with her friends while Richie and I are away hehehe..

·         I can place it on a table or mount it on a wall or ceiling. Comes with a bracket thingy.

·         Plus, it has night vision! I can watch Rain sleeping even if the lights are turned off in her room. (It just keeps getting cooler and cooler!)

·         If I bring Rain over to my dad’s house or my in-law’s house, I can bring the camera there as well and just initialize it with the wi-fi there. I can take it anywhere.

           This gadget is now officially on my wish list. Not just because it's cool but because I know it will give me that peace of mind. Maybe when I have this it will somehow make it easier to leave Rain for a bit. Just "somehow". We all know how first time moms (such as myself) can get clingy to our babies hehehe. Or is it just me? Yikes! *Tee hee*

Good morning Rain! I'm watching you! :-)


  1. This is very useful especially for working parents! I think this would be a good investment.

    1. Yes! I saw a video baby monitor priced at 2k and you can only use it around the house. (2 pcs kasi). But this one is one camera lang so its only 7,900 srp. Really not bad at all! Worldwide reach pa ;)

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