Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Flash Broke Down :(

Niki is lonesome tonight and for a few more nights :(

          Who's Niki? She's my trusty Nikon D80. She's responsible for taking all the food shots for The Pickiest Eater as well as capturing happy family memories for this humble blog. And she's lonely because she misses her best friend. the one that gives light to her life. it's my bounce flash SB 600 which broke down in the middle of taking photos during an event about a week ago :-(

                                   nikon service center
          So I took it to the Nikon hospital at the corner of Paseo De Roxas and Arnaiz Ave. in Makati. It's right beside an actual Nikon Store and Clara Rosa. 

                                    nikon service center

          The service center is a small area with a few linked metal chairs. I love it because there are hardly any customers hehe. I guess it's testament to the quality of Nikon? 

           nikon flash

         This photo looks morbid in a way. Looks like my flash is in a body bag haha! I was told that it could just be the bulb, or could also be the ...FC, was it? Not sure as the lady wasn't sure what that FC was as well haha! She was just told by the technician there. 

          I had to leave it there for diagnosis and in 10 working days someone will contact me to inform me what the diagnosis is and how much it would cost before they fix it. So until then, I would just have to be extra stressed with taking photos in dim lighting. (Bar restaurants, be kind!)

          Hope to see you soon flashy! Niki and I will be waiting! Please don't be too expensive! (Hmmm... Just realized I didn't give a name yet for the flash. Yes I have this weird habit of giving names to my gadgets. How about Farah... Flasha... Flasha Fierce?) *Groan* I can be so corny.


  1. hubby is also fond of giving names to his stuff. Leni is our car, and Pana was our TV. Weird because he doesn't call his SLR any name :D

    1. Joanne, Rina gives a name to everything.. which is why she gets easily sentimentally attached to stuff hehehe

  2. Noooooooooo *blush* hehehehe :-)

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