Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nega Vibes Go Away! :-)

I'm 50% blue...

          Today, I was actually looking forward to going home with a new phone from my network provider. Instead I came home with the same old phone (who's END CALL button is busted), and plus some added billing stress.

          A few days ago I confirmed with their customer representative over the phone that I could just go to any of their centers to renew my plan. Long story short, turned out that I couldn't just do that. I needed to call the customer service again so they can give me a reference number over the phone. Okay fine. 

         Secondly, I was previously told that the phone that I wanted would have no cash out if I renew the contract and sign up for 30 months. Turns out their "terms could change without prior notice" and so even at 30 months, I now had to pay P1,700 cash out for the phone I inquired about just last week. I know it's still not too expensive, but from expecting to pay zero pesos to now 1,700 pesos, that's a huge difference. But okay fine.

        Next was the kicker. We all know this network provider recently has "upgraded" it's systems or whatever for better faster service. With that, they have also updated in their billing department resulting to delayed bills, I knew I was behind for about a month but turns out because of all the crazy moving and updating, I apparently missed 2 month's worth. And you know me I could get confused easily. Hence, I couldn't push through with the request to renew and get the loyalty phone just yet. *POOF*! There goes all my happy vibes flying up up and away.


       But to be fair, the day wasn't all bad. I had a great lunch with the hubby at Sentro 1771 where we had 3 amazing yummy dishes! (Photos will be posted by the hubby soon), so that was a great QT with the love of my life. Then I had a meeting with two lovely girls to discuss about a collaboration for Rina's Rainbow. Pretty cool!

       But then while I was driving back home, the phone thing came rushing back. Oh well, life isn't always about rainbows and butterflies and magic. 

But a huge thanks to Wave 89.1's WaveBack Wednesdays because they were playing the RnB songs of my time like Tevin Campbell's Can We Talk, etc. ("of my time". Yikes! I feel so old!) I tell you, there's nothing like driving with the radio cranked up, and singing like a lunatic on the top of your lungs without anyone judging you!



            Try it when you're stressed! It'll throw at least 50% of the negative vibes out the window! That's why I'm 50% blue. 

Well, just 30% now that I was able to write about it ;-)


  1. At least I would say I'm normal. I thought I'm just OA of feeling down lately. Akala ko ako lang Mommy Rina ang feeling blue...Yeah, cheering up like listening some cool, jazzy music and being w/ our family is one great medicine of taking the blues away...

    1. Agree! And feeling down just means that next in line for you is feeling great! wheel of life as they say ;-) So abangan natin ang good news na parating satin whatever it may be ;-)

      Super nakakatuwa din kasi talaga to listen to songs na you used to like when you were in highschool or in whatever stage of life you felt most care-free! Parang bumabalik yung pagka care-free feeling when you listen to those songs :-)

  2. i know the network.. nakakaloka talaga yan at un brother ko gusto na magswitch.. un mama ko naman dedma naman pero hassle talaga ang 2 months delay sa billing. dami na talaga ndi natutuwa sa service nila. tsk.

    1. yun na! hehe. oo nga nakaka burat! pero I heard may moments din naman daw dun sa kabilang leading network din. so parang useless din if magpalit ako tas may sablay din sila :( we're stuck! :(