Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pre-Loved Affordable Books for Rain!


              Once upon a time we were at Robinson's Galleria Mall and we came upon this area at the lower ground floor where there were a bunch of book shelves with old books being sold. The place was called Books and Mags. I never really paid attention to book stores that sold second hand books. Not because I'm picky but because I'm not really big on books. But because we had more than enough time to kill before checking in at Crowne Plaza Manila, (an experience we'll never forget!), we decided to look around and I'm glad we did because we eventually saw these:

          Sesame Street Pre-Loved books on sale! And with just one look you could tell these books originally cost a lot. Hard and huge pages, some even with sounds. And since Rain was starting to have some fascination with turning colorful pages, (and since she had an undeniable love for all things Sesame Street), we couldn't help but buy some for her! We thought it would be a perfect way to encourage her to love books more. She was asleep when we were browsing for the best and most appropriate books we could get her.

            This Cookie Monster book's suggested retail price was originally $7.99. But we got it for P145 (Around $3)! It has huge photos and just 1-2 sentences per spread. Perfect for a toddler's short attention span.

           This Elmo and Friends book is also huge with hard cardboard pages. It doesn't show any original price but we got it for only P275 (Around $6). It's a look and find book filled with Sesame Street characters. It teaches about colors as well. 

                   At the back of the book, it shows parents some interactive learning ideas that you can play with your kids using this book per page.

               I thought this book was the cutest. It's Where Is Elmo? by Reader's Digest Children's Books. The original price was $12.99 but at Books & Mags we got it for only P175 ($4). It's a book where you play Peek-a-Boo with Elmo. The book tells you when to push the handle up to reveal Elmo hiding behind the bush or the fence, etc. And each time you do, you'll hear Elmo's famous giggle.

Mine! All Mine!
            So anyway after some book shopping, we finally were able to check in and as soon as Rain woke up, we surprised her with her new old books! She loved them!

Was worried she would break the handle thing of the peek a boo book. But it's pretty sturdy

Book time with Mommy!

Book time with Daddy!

             It's fun that Rain now has a habit of getting one of these books, and then bringing them to me if she wants me to read to her. Although most of the time she just like pointing at the characters and asking me "Who dat!?!" And I would answer. (Shouldn't it be the other way around? Hahahaha!)


  1. Reading time is one of the highlights of my day :)

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