Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf : 26th St. Bistro

       (Thursday last week) I just dropped off Richie at Market Market to catch a cab while I find a place to park somewhere in The Fort Strip and kill time until event I have to attend to at Aracama starts. I was supposed to look for a McDonalds to have a quick affordable breakfast when I realized there was none nearby. I didn't want to be late so I looked for something that was just close to Arcama and saw A Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shop just across. Okay so I guess I'll just have coffee (Deep inside I was happy. I love their White Chocolate Dream). And plus, the inside looks cozy and cool so I couldn't resist.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello iOS7!


Yay! I feel like I have a new iPad!

I've said this numerous times before and I'll say it again... I'm fond of gadgets. Mobile phones particularly. Anything new, be it high tech or old school, excites me. And today is a happy day for me because I finally downloaded the iOS7! I feel like I have a new toy!

Throwback Thursday: A Childhood Toy

       I couldn't believe what I saw from Rain's stuff. I think it was from one of the loot bags she got from a party (sorry I can't remember from who's party it may have been) But when I saw this I got so excited! Childhood memories immediately came rushing back! I haven't seen this toy in years! PLASTIC BALLOON!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Village Tavern Favorites!


       Okay so this is really a delayed post. In fact it's 8 months delayed hehe. Just wanted to share with you one of our favorite restaurants in the Metro. Village Tavern by Bistro Group. It was love at first bite. (Read about my hubby's review here). After tasting their delicious menu, we knew it was going to be the start of something good! So anyway, we love Village Tavern so much that Richie and I decided to take my sister there as a birthday dinner with my Dad and of course the little Rainbow.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Davao's SM Lanang

       Before we went to Davao, I used to think SM Baguio was the only unique SM I have seen. It was so different from the usual big concrete box exterior design that I always see in all the SMs in Manila. They had a huge alfresco balcony thingy where you can take a whiff of Baguio's fresh pine scented air and enjoy a fresh green view of The City of Pines. But Davao proved me wrong.


        Despite having that big concrete box exterior, the inside of SM Lanang is huge and pretty. You'll see what I mean in th next photo...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3rd Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test 2013! Tickets Now Available!


Seems like only yesterday when Richie and I were going around at the Rockwell tent with score sheets and food trays on our hands (plus a huge camera for me hehe). It was the 2nd Ultimate Taste Test by Our Awesome Planet and we were having the time of our lives tasting amazing food, both savory and sweet.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Skin Care for Me and My Rainbow: Physiogel

      I have always had oily skin. And I always found it as a curse. I've had a lot of photos with my face shinier than a diamond (eew). That’s why when I heard about Physiogel at first I thought it was something that I wouldn't need because it was marked as a "moisturizer". And the last thing that I needed was to extract more oil into my already pimply face. But obviously I don’t know much about skin care. And it was during the Physiogel event that I learned a great deal about how this product works.

Friday, September 6, 2013

If I Were a Millionaire...

I'm actually having second thoughts about writing this because you might all think I'm materialistic. Well, maybe in some level I am. But really...aren't we all? Even just a tinge? Personally I think there's nothing wrong about dreaming of material things from time to time, right? Things we see in the mall, on television, etc. Just keeping it real.

That's why I thought of writing this blog post to write about what Richie and I would do if we were millionaires. Hold on... hmmmm.... since we're dreaming and all, might as well change that to Billionaire. Hehehe. We love playing this game! We always play this game in the car during traffic. "Game! What do we do first when we win the lottery?".  Things we want to spend on when we have lots of money. (I keep saying WHEN instead of IF so I can attract it! ;-) One has to always assume a happy ending! off all credit cards
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pamulak Kadayawan 2013: The Parade

   My province is Bangued, Abra. And as far as I know, there aren't really any fiestas there. I only remember the annual Procession wherein statues of saints parade around the whole town. I enjoyed every minute of it when I was small. We would choose which saint to follow and then parade with them with candles. It was always a fun experience. But it was my first time ever to see a parade with dance presentations and flower floats in Davao during the Kadayawan Festival last August 16-18. And that's all thanks to Marco Polo Hotel Davao for sponsoring a blogger's weekend there. That was some pampering! 

      We were lucky to have had a sneak peek on how the floats are made (which I recently blogged about here). We saw two amazing floats being made and so I was so excited to see the other participating floats the following morning on the parade at around 8AM.

     Come the next morning, it was only 7:30 when we heard some drumming from outside. I was half asleep. So I got up and saw that it had already started! I quickly washed up and told Richie I would rush downstairs. I grabbed Nikki (my camera), and my phone, totally forgetting to put on sunblock. But it was all good because Marco Polo set up a covered stage where their guests can sit and watch the parade. So my nognog-ness was not THAT bad. 

     The front of the hotel was the most perfect spot to watch the Kadayawan presentations and parades. Front row, baby! So event if I totally forgot to recharge my camera's battery the night before (I only had 2 bars left), and also forgot to dump photos (I only had 20+ photo space), I was able to get pretty okay shots using my iPad. I'm telling you, if you want to go to Davao for the Kadayawan Festival, Marco Polo is the way to go.  

    So anyway I won't keep you waiting! Let the Pamulak Kadayawan parade begin!          

Small but pretty fishy!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pamulak Kadayawan 2013: Making Floral Floats


         My Davao trip has been a lot of firsts for me. As I mentioned in my earlier post, it was my first time to visit Davao, my first time to experience a fiesta, and thus it was also my first time to see a floral float being made! It was so awesome! It was for the floral float parade called Pamulak Kadayawan that was going to happen that following morning (August 18). I would have totally volunteered to help if I could! In a way I kind of envied all of them staying up all night with a group of fun people and working together to create something special! And special it was! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Expo Philippines 2013 (Giveawa Winners Announced!)

        Some two years ago, I was a desperate wife trying to get pregnant. My husband and I were trying everything we can to conceive. I was sooooo ready to be a mom. I just needed a baby. (More on our experience on conceiving in a separate post). But as everything happens in God's time, on the month of February 2011, that white pregnancy test kit finally showed two lines! I couldn't be happier! 

        Soon after double confirming with the doctor and announcing to our families the great news, a big realization hit me...


        Panic mode! I have never had to take care of an infant (be it a sibling or niece or nephew) in my life. This would be the first time. Luckily I have 2 wonderful sister-in-laws who are already moms and of course my Mother-in-law who are readily available to give me tips.

        But I felt I still had to be on the look-out for places where I can buy stuff  for babies and moms to be. As a first-time clueless mom, it was important for me to be able to go to one place where I can already see all the latest must-haves that I could possibly need. So every time there was a baby bazaar I made sure I would attend.

Rina's Rainbow is a Partner! :-)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Colors and Smiles of Davao - Indak Indak sa Kadalanan 2013


             It was my first time in beautiful city of Davao and what perfect timing to spend my first time there than witness the lively and colorful Kadayawan Festival! Not only was it my first time in Davao but it was also my first time to experience a festival as well! 

            The Indak Indak sa Kadalanan (which was a cultural street dancing show) happened on the 17th of August with it's route starting from Claveria, and then Roxas, Ponciano, and then San Pedro). Although I wasn't familiar with the whole story of the Kadayawan festival, I noticed that each presentation consisted of the same thing: crop offerings, a queen, a king, an infant, diwatas (fairies), and a bad element. Bad tries to ruin the party but in the end the good prevails. You can learn more about the roots of the Kadayawan Festival here

             See these amazing participants (mostly students) as they dance and sing their hearts out through my photos below. (In order of appearance hehe). The beat of the huge drums, the lavish costumes, and the lively choreography all added up to a fantastic festival. But if you ask me, there was one key ingredient that really completed the wonderful experience, and that is to see the beautiful smiles of the DavaoeƱos!