Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3rd Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test 2013! Tickets Now Available!


Seems like only yesterday when Richie and I were going around at the Rockwell tent with score sheets and food trays on our hands (plus a huge camera for me hehe). It was the 2nd Ultimate Taste Test by Our Awesome Planet and we were having the time of our lives tasting amazing food, both savory and sweet.

   And now, one year later, here it is again! it's Our Awesome Planet's 3rd Rockwell Ultimate Taste Test is happening this Saturday, September 14, 2013 at the Rockwell Tent and I am so excited to try over 50 new and amazing food and desserts! Once again I'm going to act like a food critic for a day! Pretty exciting!

   If you're as excited as Richie and I are, then you'd better get crackin' and purchase your tickets ASAP. With over 1,000 foodies expected to attend, you might just run out! (Oh no!)

      View the list of confirmed participants here!

      I don't know about you but I'm so excited to try...

  • Butter Nugget's Chicken and Bacon Ravioli with tomato sauce and cheese!
  • I also can't wait to have another Diplahan Lechon slide its way down my tummy again.
  • Curry Balls by Curry Bar sound good too!
  • The Sultry Chef's Sultry Roast beef with saucy gravy & Tuyo Pasta! Oh my goodness...
  • And for dessert, how does Cakework's Peanut Butter oreo Dip sound?

        Did I get your tummies rumbling? Then hurry and get your tickets now! See you all there!!!

What: Rockwell's Ultimate Taste Test: Be a Food Critic for a Day!
When: September 14, 2013, Saturday, 11.00 am - 9.00 pm.
Where: Rockwell Tent
Ultimate Taste Test  Fee: P585/head.

Inclusive of:
- Food Taste Portions from a minimum of 50 Home-Based Food Vendors for the entire Saturday
- A bottle of San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt or Cerveza Negra (For foodies 18 years old and above only
 - Food Critic Ballot for voting your favorite food discoveries.
- Donation to Rockwell's Typhoon Maring Beneficiaries

For more information, check out Our Awesome Planet here!


  1. My family and I will be there... super excited na din kami. :) Hope to meet you there Ms. Rina. :)

  2. Awesome Tin!!!! :-) Hope to bump into you there on Saturday! :-)Don't forget to bring your huge appetites! hehehe

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