Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf : 26th St. Bistro

       (Thursday last week) I just dropped off Richie at Market Market to catch a cab while I find a place to park somewhere in The Fort Strip and kill time until event I have to attend to at Aracama starts. I was supposed to look for a McDonalds to have a quick affordable breakfast when I realized there was none nearby. I didn't want to be late so I looked for something that was just close to Arcama and saw A Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shop just across. Okay so I guess I'll just have coffee (Deep inside I was happy. I love their White Chocolate Dream). And plus, the inside looks cozy and cool so I couldn't resist.

       It's my second time at a CBTL Bistro. The first one I went to was at the New East Wing of Shangri-La Mall. But this one is bigger. And the waitress was so accommodating as she explained to me their breakfast menu. She explained that their all-day breakfast had a complimentary coffee. And so my plan to just have a cup of coffee was changed to a breakfast plate of Eggs Benedict. 

Complimentary Coffee

       At least I get this huge cup of coffee and a filling and classy breakfast at the same time for P325, instead of buying an glass of just iced cold coffee for 165. I think it's not bad... (Or maybe I'm just convincing myself that I didn't really overspend hahaha!)

       The Eggs Benedict come in two pieces. And after finishing the first piece I was already kind of full. Feeling so much better now with the 325 price.

       I like this place. It's a good spacious place to write. I also like the fact that the waiters occasionally check up on you if everything is satisfactory.  I just think they need faster service because the eggs Benedict took a while. I didn't actually get to record how long it took them to give me my food but it was long enough for me to realize that it hasn't arrived yet. Also, I asked for water and it never arrived. I had to follow up with another waiter.

       I also like the fact that you don't need to present your CBTL card to avail of the wifi. I think it's free for all customers. Just ask fort the password. At least killing time and waiting for my food to arrive was so much easier with facebook and instagram and the like.

Other photos of the place:

        Later on, at the CBTL branch at Burgos Circle where I met up with my old colleague, I got to try their new Expresso Cream Ice Blended Drink. It was alright. Nothing really special. I guess because I have tried ordering an Expresso Frap from Starbucks numerous times. With double expresso too! So it was nothing new to me. In fact this one was milder. My favorite is still the White Chocolate Dream :-) Anyway hope to be back in 26th St. Bistro soon!


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