Monday, September 2, 2013

Colors and Smiles of Davao - Indak Indak sa Kadalanan 2013


             It was my first time in beautiful city of Davao and what perfect timing to spend my first time there than witness the lively and colorful Kadayawan Festival! Not only was it my first time in Davao but it was also my first time to experience a festival as well! 

            The Indak Indak sa Kadalanan (which was a cultural street dancing show) happened on the 17th of August with it's route starting from Claveria, and then Roxas, Ponciano, and then San Pedro). Although I wasn't familiar with the whole story of the Kadayawan festival, I noticed that each presentation consisted of the same thing: crop offerings, a queen, a king, an infant, diwatas (fairies), and a bad element. Bad tries to ruin the party but in the end the good prevails. You can learn more about the roots of the Kadayawan Festival here

             See these amazing participants (mostly students) as they dance and sing their hearts out through my photos below. (In order of appearance hehe). The beat of the huge drums, the lavish costumes, and the lively choreography all added up to a fantastic festival. But if you ask me, there was one key ingredient that really completed the wonderful experience, and that is to see the beautiful smiles of the Davaoeños! 

Marco Polo Davao's Media Communications Officer Patty Basa Tan
taking a photo with Davao's Beloved Mayor, Mr Rodrigo Duterte
Thank you to Marco Polo Davao for our front row seats to the Kadayawan Festival!
Top: Spanky Enriquez (, Richie Zamora (ThePickiestEater)
Bottom: Gerry San Miguel (dude4food), Anton Diaz (OurAwesomePlanet), and PR Assistant Ms. Phoebe Reyes

View of the parades from our room in Marco Polo
The stage with the white tent is provided by Marco Polo for it's guests.

            If you want to witness the next Kadayawan Festival, I strongly strongly suggest checking in at Marco Polo Davao. The parades stop and they perform right smack in front of the hotel. It's the perfect location for the Kadayawan weekend!  

See more Kadayawan actions with their official websites:
Facebook: davaocitygov
Twitter: @davaocitygov


  1. Oh my Mommy Rina! thank you for featuring our beautiful place, Davao! It's worth a gem to us.

    1. It's a place and an event worth featuring! :-) We're super thankful to Marco Polo talaga for bringing us there! Such an experience! :-)

  2. galing ng mga kuha! :) it really shows how fun the festival was. :)

    1. Thank you so much Arjayssa! It really was loads of fun!:-)


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