Monday, September 16, 2013

Davao's SM Lanang

       Before we went to Davao, I used to think SM Baguio was the only unique SM I have seen. It was so different from the usual big concrete box exterior design that I always see in all the SMs in Manila. They had a huge alfresco balcony thingy where you can take a whiff of Baguio's fresh pine scented air and enjoy a fresh green view of The City of Pines. But Davao proved me wrong.


        Despite having that big concrete box exterior, the inside of SM Lanang is huge and pretty. You'll see what I mean in th next photo...


       Tadaaaa! Look how huge and stylish it is! Now I understand what Richie meant when he said I might find SM Aura pretty if I haven't been to SM Lanang. It really is different from the usual SMs. 


       Spaceous is the best word to describe it. And I love the floating Starbucks. It's in the middle of the mall and it looks like it's floating. The stores are pretty much the same as what we have here in Manila. Except that they didn't have an Eye 2 Eye store/booth which Richie and I were really hoping to find because we both didn't have sunglasses And we wanted to buy cheap but nice ones (because we almost always end up losing it or breaking it hehe.) 


       And then they also have an alfresco dining area at the second floor with pretty fountains. More restaurants are situated there. I can imagine this specific area being packed with people who are trying to unwind on a Friday night after work. 

       Too bad we didn't get to visit Ayala's Abreeza when we were there. Oh well, hoping there's a next time :-) 


  1. Thanks for commending our very own SM Lanang Ms. Rina. I've become even more prouder to be a Dabawenya! Balik usab dri (Balik ka dito sa amin ulit)

    1. Cheekeegirl, we really hope to go back again.... Someday... (Far away look) hahaha :-)

  2. im guessing you haven't visited the more spacious alfresco dining area (1st and 2nd level) at the back fronting the dancing fountain @ Fountain Court. Coz as what i've seen in ur post, its only the skygarden - alfresco dining place.

    when i first visited this SM branch, i was amazed also by its amenities, its like the combination of SM North Edsa and MOA. It has Bowling Center, Science and Discovery Center, IMAX, 2 Alfresco area: Skygarden and fountain court, SMX Convention Center and the Longest Dancing Fountain in the Philippines, and to mention that at the back also resides a Radisson owned Hotel. Such amenities that u cant find in any other SM's in manila. :D Dabawenyos are so blessed to have an upscale mall like this. :)

    Hope to visit again there soon. Looking forward for that wonderful dining place at fountain court. :)

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