Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello iOS7!


Yay! I feel like I have a new iPad!

I've said this numerous times before and I'll say it again... I'm fond of gadgets. Mobile phones particularly. Anything new, be it high tech or old school, excites me. And today is a happy day for me because I finally downloaded the iOS7! I feel like I have a new toy!


As soon as I saw that the update was available late last night, my sleepiness went away. But i had a few challenges while downloading.

First off, there was a message saying that I have to delete some files because it needed at least 3.4 GB of storage to download it. Shucks. I had a looooot of photos. So I quickly deleted some photos I didn't need anymore as well as aps I don't really like.

But then i still had an error message. Something like "an error has occured in downloading". I shut off the iPad first and then turned it on again. And then tried again. The downloading started. It said 2 hours before completion. So I left it downloading and went to bed.

Good thing Rain woke me up early because she wanted milk because I saw that the download once again failed :( I was getting frustrated. So I tried it again and went back to bed. After an hour, I woke up and it was completed! Yay!!! I love it!

To complete the iOS7 feel, I set the wallpaper to that night sky with stars (default).that's the wallpaper they used in the iOS 7 video. I love the 3D-ish feel when I move the iPad and the stars also move.


I like the fact that They finally made the settings shortcut accessible wherever page or app you are, just like android. (It's about time!) 


And also they made the multitasking so much easier by showing thumbnails. Again like how it is with Android. The camera also has HDR settings.


Browsing the net with the safari is so much cleaner. So minimalist!

But I did notice it became a bit slower... I hope this is just for the meantime. I hope I don't meed to delete more files. Anyway I can't wait to fiddle with it more and discover more!:-) 


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