Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pamulak Kadayawan 2013: Making Floral Floats


         My Davao trip has been a lot of firsts for me. As I mentioned in my earlier post, it was my first time to visit Davao, my first time to experience a fiesta, and thus it was also my first time to see a floral float being made! It was so awesome! It was for the floral float parade called Pamulak Kadayawan that was going to happen that following morning (August 18). I would have totally volunteered to help if I could! In a way I kind of envied all of them staying up all night with a group of fun people and working together to create something special! And special it was! 

           How beautiful right? Participating floats are required to have 80% flowers and 20% organic materials. This float is for Abreeza Mall of Ayala. 

          This was an all-nighter job. The floats had to be prepared the night before the parade to make sure the flowers are still fresh and beautiful. So you can only imagine the level of stress when some problems arise like for example, miscalculating the amount of flowers needed, etc. Everyone has to be on their toes to make sure all challenges are solved!

Sleepy, kuya? It's still early! Hehe

I so love the color of this flower! Is it blue? Is it purple? So pretty!

Sorry little boy we have to dress you up in flowers. It's just for one day. Promise. 
R is for Rain :-) And Rina. And Richie ;-)
They nailed the Coca Cola logo!

The back part of the Coca Cola float
An exact replica of a Coca Cola bottle made with beans

Copied down to the 200 ml text!
Sliding in a slide full of fresh flowers looks like fun!
Putting real barks on a fake tree branch
Have you ever seen the inside of a float? Boy it looks hot in there! But don't worry!
 Airconditioning and an extra little fan is provided for the driver.

         Despite the heaps of work they had to do, Davaoeños and  Davaoeñas still worked with bright smiles on their faces!

Even this Manilenyo had a blast! Weeeeeee!

Thanks again Marco Polo Davao for taking us for a sneak peak at how these lovely Floral floats were made!  Thank you to Ms. Arlene L. Puentespina of Puentespina Orchids & Tropical Plants for allowing us to witness your group create these lovely floats!


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