Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pamulak Kadayawan 2013: The Parade

   My province is Bangued, Abra. And as far as I know, there aren't really any fiestas there. I only remember the annual Procession wherein statues of saints parade around the whole town. I enjoyed every minute of it when I was small. We would choose which saint to follow and then parade with them with candles. It was always a fun experience. But it was my first time ever to see a parade with dance presentations and flower floats in Davao during the Kadayawan Festival last August 16-18. And that's all thanks to Marco Polo Hotel Davao for sponsoring a blogger's weekend there. That was some pampering! 

      We were lucky to have had a sneak peek on how the floats are made (which I recently blogged about here). We saw two amazing floats being made and so I was so excited to see the other participating floats the following morning on the parade at around 8AM.

     Come the next morning, it was only 7:30 when we heard some drumming from outside. I was half asleep. So I got up and saw that it had already started! I quickly washed up and told Richie I would rush downstairs. I grabbed Nikki (my camera), and my phone, totally forgetting to put on sunblock. But it was all good because Marco Polo set up a covered stage where their guests can sit and watch the parade. So my nognog-ness was not THAT bad. 

     The front of the hotel was the most perfect spot to watch the Kadayawan presentations and parades. Front row, baby! So event if I totally forgot to recharge my camera's battery the night before (I only had 2 bars left), and also forgot to dump photos (I only had 20+ photo space), I was able to get pretty okay shots using my iPad. I'm telling you, if you want to go to Davao for the Kadayawan Festival, Marco Polo is the way to go.  

    So anyway I won't keep you waiting! Let the Pamulak Kadayawan parade begin!          

Small but pretty fishy!

Solar-powered durian, anyone?

Adorable little girls swirling their batons like pros!

Pretty Baton Girl with a pretty smile

Here comes the GMA float with Caesar Montano, Solenn Heusaff, Lovie Poe, an two others I don't know hehe 
Second shot with my iPad 

I love this Eagle Man from the M Lhuillier float! So intimidating!
Second shot from the iPad

    Here's the back of the Lhuiller float. They had the most fun music! Check out the energy of these drummers with Afros! It was like a reggae concert! I swear I was dancing in my seat hehe.

Davao Medical Society 

SM Lanang (front)

SM Lanang models strutting the.. uh... float. Work it!

The Coca Cola Section had the most thingamajig. I loved it! (shot from iPad)
and the actual float with Enchong Dee (iPad shot)
Here's a closer look the Coca Cola float with Enchong Dee and another dude I don't know. 
The Coke floral float was followed by  the Coke "jeep"

... and then followed by the Coke "Fun V" or should I say Fun Bus? (Corny)

Here comes the ABSCBN float... (iPad shot)
ABS CBN float with Jessy mendiola (Lady in Red), Kathryn Bernardo, and I'm so sorry I also don't know
the name of the guy. (I'm so clueless with today's actors I swear!)


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