Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Skin Care for Me and My Rainbow: Physiogel

      I have always had oily skin. And I always found it as a curse. I've had a lot of photos with my face shinier than a diamond (eew). That’s why when I heard about Physiogel at first I thought it was something that I wouldn't need because it was marked as a "moisturizer". And the last thing that I needed was to extract more oil into my already pimply face. But obviously I don’t know much about skin care. And it was during the Physiogel event that I learned a great deal about how this product works.

       According to the skin test, my skin scored a 33.8. And according to the girl who tested my skin, that’s still on the normal range but more on the low normal. The goal really is to score a 45.0 to 99.9 which is the moisturized state (see chart below). Because let’s face it, as irritating oily skin can be, it can be a gift because extra moisture makes skin age slower. Meaning you might not see wrinkles any time soon yay!

      I don’t know if it’s psychological but as soon as I got home and tried the Physiogel lotion, it really gave a different kind of moisturizing feeling. Because it’s almost as mild as water, after applying it felt the same freshness that I feel when I quickly submerged my skin in water. Seriously. That’s how I felt. With that I was convinced that this product was really something.

Top Make Up Artist RB Chanco uses Physiogel

       Top make up artists actually use Physiogel in their make up regime to make sure that they take precaution especially in applying make up to women who have sensitive skin.  (See more photos of the make up session at the end of the post)

       But what really caught my attention was that Physiogel Cream and Lotion is mild enough to use on babies! Just because babies are known to have smooth clear skin doesn't mean they don’t need protection. In fact, the more they need something to repair and hydrate their sensitive beautiful skin. Repair from rashes and the like.

        Check out this photo. The allergy effect of Physiogel (if any) is almost the same as plain water. Pretty amazing!

        Apparently, Physiogel has DMS (Derma Membrane Structure). To explain it more plainly, think of DMS as this thing that mimics the natural lipids of a human skin. It spreads out very evenly and blends perfectly with our skin’s natural layers. That’s why my skin felt naturally refreshed and not at all heavy and hot after putting on the Physiogel lotion. Seriously. Plus, it won’t easily get washed off with water because it locks in moisture, just as our skin’s natural lipids does.

        Another awesome fact is that this DMS’ natural lipids are made from different kinds of plant sources like yeast, olives, palm oil, and soy beans. It also has shea butter. This adds another plus points to Physiogel. You hear “natural” and that immediately catches a mom’s attention. Physiogel lotion and cream contains no colorants, perfume, and preservatives. Sounds good to me!

        Physiogel brilliantly patented this DMS technology which means no other local product has this. I’m honestly very happy to have had the chance to get acquainted with this product. And I’m even more happy to find out that they have reduced their price by 29% less! Awesome! I won’t be buying these just for me but for Rain too! Hitting two birds with one stone! Rain and I can have healthy moisturized skin through repairing.  ;-)

Learn more about Physiogel!:
Facebook: PhysiogelPH

More photos from the Physiogel Event held last August 31st at the Oz Bar Roofdeck of Holiday Inn in Makati:

Oz Bar
Canapes, pasta, and muffins up for grabs!
The ever so pretty host of the event, Ms. Patty Laurel .
She reveals she actually has eczema (skin discomfort and stress)
In fairness it doesn't show!

A talk with skin experts
RB Chanco doing her magic with make up! (Before shot)

After shot! Plain looking transformed to hotness by RB Chanco.

RB Chanco and her model looking happy and contented! :-)


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